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16 Ways A REAL Handyman Decorates

16 Ways A REAL Handyman Decorates

We all think we’re handy around the house, but who of us can honestly say they’ve hung up a picture or put a coat of paint on the wall? OK, fine, but who has actually done it successfully? See! None of us. That’s OK though because, luckily, ALL OF US are in the same boat. Just look at these amateur handymen doing their best to cut a few corners (not literally) and try it themselves, with varying degrees of success.

1. Always maximize your space

Now you have plenty of room for activities!


via reddit / SwirlStick

2. Jiffy Pop smoke detector

Well, maybe “smoke” isn’t the right word, but I’m sure if it gets warm enough in your house, it’ll do the trick.


via reddit / ardi3004

3. The only way to really hang a picture

Clearly the stud finder didn’t work out. Just kept pointing to Uncle Rob.

4. I mean, at least they’re keeping it classy by drinking tea

As long as your shoes don’t melt too.


via DailyFunLists


5. For those hot, summer months

Or just a quick bath. Whatever works.

6. And for those winter moments

Even down south, the threat of snow is real.

7. The only way to garden

Easiest way to add fertilizer too!


via SodaHead

8. Only for the love birds

This is why everyone needs a truck.


via flickr / Cherri1963

9. Say what you will, but this is how we’ll all eat corn in the future

If we can keep up.


via Izismile

10. Why have I never thought of this?

Bonus: you can measure the size of each slice so no one gets hustled.


via reddit / moose359

11. Easily the most frustrating thing in life

Why would I want one tap scalding hot and the other freezing cold?

12. Shower beers are the most versatile

And have gotten me through many Friday nights.


via Trouble Makers

13. Fire and plastic don’t usually mix this well

The only explanation? Science.

14. You don’t ALWAYS need water to ski

Mud does the trick just as well.


via The Chive

15. When your Wi-Fi’s out and nachos are needed

It was probably time for an upgrade anyway.


via reddit / Media_Offline

16. This is actually the best thing ever

And something I’m totally going to steal.

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