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16 Wrong-Number Texts That Will Never Not Be Funny

16 Wrong-Number Texts That Will Never Not Be Funny



1. This mix-up that proves you should always double-check numbers.

2. This reply that’s just perfect.

3. This slightly strange text someone sent to their old boss.

4. This funny, but kind of sweet, conversation.

5. These texts that involved some quick thinking.

6. This text that will give you so much secondhand embarrassment it will hurt.

7. This really positive exchange between strangers.


8. This text that really lacks some much-needed context.


9. This miscommunication about groceries.


10. This confusing end to a conversation.

11. This wrong text that might have brought about a friendship.

12. This 10/10 Disney Channel reference.


13. This excruciatingly embarrassing text.


14. And this one that is made so much worse by Pete’s response.

15. This short-lived romance.


16. And finally, this text that will just make you feel really, really happy.


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