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“Someone once rearranged these to spell out ‘OPEN PLAN SUCKS.’ We terminated them immediately.”

“My roommate has a permanent crick in his neck, so his books go in the middle.”

“The blueprints got crumpled coming off of the plotter. The contractor did the best he could.”

True story: This two-piece, high-end Squatty Potty alternative is designed to nest one inside the other to save space. It also gives you a fun activity to futz your way through right before you take a dump.

“Our research shows that most framers not only want the waffle head, but a slippery wooden handle and a nearly flat claw that’s unusable for de-nailing.”

“Limited Edish, yo.”

“Our design firm specializes in ergonomics.”

In the way that some people have a fear of clowns, I have a fear of this table.

“The design brief was to make it difficult to select the knife that you want.”

“I wanted a front door that me and a flock of crows could all enter at the same time. It’s also great for letting moths in at night.”

When your first CAD tutorial goes straight into production.

Prior to studying as a Jedi, Ben Solo briefly worked as a fixtures designer. Even then there were signs of trouble.

Another “Thing that doesn’t work well but that design blogs think is cool because it’s made out of another thing” object.

At the very least, oughtn’t they have made the real light ray correspond with the shape of the fake light ray?

“Cactuses just sit there and demand very little resources from us. So I wanted some that would waste electricity.”

“First off, broken glass isn’t that hard to clean up; secondly, it’s not like they can’t just buy another light bulb. So no, I don’t think your criticisms are valid”

“Swap out conventional material with something ‘surprising'” = “Design awards, here we come”

Not-so-subtle commentary on the value and disposable nature of current photography.

“Are you ready for this? That’s not just glitter–that’s Stripper Glitter.”

This is what happens when you run an organization where all of your employees are afraid to criticize your ideas.


Batman isnt wearing a mask

pedo power

clearly this is where teeth go

horrific snake cow abomination

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