17 Fascinating Photos Collected From History –


1. Camp guards at concentration camp Buchenwald, who were captured and beaten by the prisoners on the day of liberation. April 1945

2. Crowd in Times Square, New York City celebrating the surrender of Germany, May 7th, 1945.

3. The McDonald brothers in front of the not yet opened first McDonald’s, November 1948, San Bernadino, CA

4. John F. Kennedy consults with his brother Robert Kennedy during campaigning. 1960

5. Men celebrating the end of prohibition, December 5, 1933

6. The first public demonstration of a computer mouse, graphical user interface, windowed computing, hypertext and word processing, 1968

7. Nurses in their bomb trenches between hospital wards. France 1918

8. A lone African-American man attends a Klan rally in Jackson, Mississippi (1950)

9. Reverend Carter, expecting a visit from the Klan after he has dared to register to vote, stands guard on his front porch, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, c. 1964 – Photograph by Bob Adelman

10. An old Italian woman shows her gratitude to one of the American soldiers following the liberation of Italy, 1945

11. Jewish women before their execution in Skede, Latvia, December 15-17, 1941

12. One the warehouses filled with victims’ shoes up to the ceiling. Auschwitz, Occupied Poland 1944

13. Gay club in Paris, France in 1934

14. A British couple sleeps inside a “Morrison shelter” used as protection from collapsing homes during the WWII ‘Blitz’ bombing raids March 1941

15. The lottery used by the Selective Service to determine who would be drafted for Vietnam. United States, 1969

16. The 12 women in this photo had 775 confirmed nazi kills

17. A victim of American bombing, ethnic Cambodian guerrilla Danh Son Huol is carried to an improvised operating room in a mangrove swamp on the Ca Mau Peninsula, September 15, 1970



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