17 Fascinating Photos Taken From The Pages Of History

17 Fascinating Photos Taken From The Pages Of History –

1. Stalin in the Kremlin after a meeting about the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union at the start of Operation Barbarossa, June 22nd 1941.

2. American troops treat a wounded dog from the Dog Platoon on Orote Pennisula, Guam, 1944.

3. Russian experimental infra-red night vision goggles for a BT tank driver, 1939.

4. This is widely believed to be the last ever photo taken of a wild Barbary Lion in the Atlas mountains, 1925.

5. A black Union soldier sits, posted in front of a slave auction house on Whitehall Street in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1864.

6. Manhattan, NY, 1910.

7. Tribal leader forced to sell off his tribes land, 1948.

8. The Arsenal of Guns & Ammunition Found in Bonnie & Clyde’s Car After They Were Killed in the Ambush by Law Enforcement, 1934.

9. Thomas Corbett, the Union Army soldier who killed President Abraham Lincoln’s assassin: John Wilkes Booth, 1865.

10. Execution of the Lincoln conspirators, 1865.

11. Lincoln’s deathbed at Petersen House, taken shortly after the President’s body was removed, April 1865.

12. In 1969, when black Americans were still prevented from swimming alongside whites, Mr.Rogers decided to invite Officer Clemmons to join him and cool his feet in a pool.

13. Poon Lim, a Chinese sailor who survived alone adrift on this life raft for 133 days, 1943.

14. Bridgeport police have a message for the “Tuff Muggs” in town, 1930’s.

15. Jonathan the Tortoise (left), as photographed in 1886. Jonathan is alive today, and is presently 186-187 years old.

16. Earliest known photograph of baseball being played in California, 1860s.

17. The Italian royal family in a photo taken in June 1922.

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