Bill Gates Posts Data Of Causes Of Death In The US, Is Amazed By The Disconnect Between News And Reality (click chart to zoom in)




Here’s What a Normal Commute From Los Angeles Was Like in 1988


2 Million People In Hong Kong Protesting



What the hell is going on in Hong Kong right now?

Pro-Chinese HK government is passing an extradition law allowing them to arrest and extradite HK citizens to China for breaking Chinese laws. It’s essentially a death blow to HK sovereignty

And the extradition law is not limited to HK citizens only, but also anyone on HK soil so they can arrest anyone including foreign citizens, tourist or even people merely stopping at HK for airplane transfer.

Based on PRC’s past records, it could be missionaries trying to spread their faith, animal right group trying to fight against consumption of dog meat and traditional Chinese medicine that used endangered animals product, or even Muslims for “endangering national security” (see educational camps, where 3 million people are currently imprisoned, according to the US).

Square Enix Final Fantasy 7 (Aerith) The upgrade in graphics. Amazing!


A teenage Kim Jong-Un, going by the name Pak Un (standing in the centre with a “NIKE” tracksuit) posing with his former classmates at Liebefeld-Steinh…



Local grocery store warning that lemonaid stands are illegal in Minnesota.


Supermarkets in Asia are now using banana leaves instead of plastic packaging


Keanu dodging that #metoo like The Matrix


This White House chef is swole AF!



1 guy, 9 mug shots


Courteney Cox Has an Friends Reunion on Her 55th Birthday



Goldman Sachs’ CEO David Solomon Is Booked To Play Tomorrowland Festival

He spins under the alias DJ D-Sol, and is slated to take the stage July 26.



DJ D-Sol – Don’t Stop


The Lakers’ NBA Championship odds after trading for Anthony Davis



Is the 1996 NBA Draft Class the best ever?


Tom Brady from nfl scouting video

Tom Brady Shows off Professional Resume from Before He Was Drafted

Tom Brady showing off his ring collection

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The Brady 6.

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Why Japanese Melons Are So Expensive

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