17 Foods In Britain That’ll Cure Your Hangover

1. A Brekkie Muffin from Original Fry Up Material, Various Locations

A Brekkie Muffin from Original Fry Up Material, Various Locations

Original Fry Up Material / Via

Jog on McDonalds, who needs a McMuffin when you’ve got this. Original Fry Up Material trade at a variety of locations in the South-East and it’s worth trying to track them down.

If you’re really smart, you can hire them to cater an event. Imagine waking up the morning after a bash to this beauty.

2. Macaroni pie and chips at Old Salty’s, Glasgow

A macaroni pie is all any hungover soul could ever wish for. Mac and cheese, served in a portable vessel. And a large portion of chip shop chips on the side too obviously.

The best bit? Old Salty’s is open 7am until midnight, so you can hunt down this snack whenever you want.

3. A Scotch Egg at the Ship, London

A Scotch Egg at the Ship, London

Matt Tucker/ BuzzFeed

This snack is perfect for a three pint hangover – nothing’s seriously wrong with you, apart from the consistent craving for something salty and a quiet nap.

Head out to the Ship and sit by the Thames. Order a restorative shandy and one of their signature Scotch eggs, served with brown sauce. All will be right with the world again.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, learn how to make the Ship’s Scotch egg here.

4. A burrito from Street Food Chef in Sheffield.

A burrito is the hungover food of the gods. Smooth sour cream, spicy salsa, guacamole (yes it’s extra but come on live your best life), beans and rice, all snuggled up in a tortilla blanket.

If you’re on the fence, the Street Food Chef has teamed up with GB Triathlete Kurt Taylor to offer a healthy choice menu too.

5. Falafel from Falafel King, Bristol

Who wouldn’t trust a ~king~ to cure their hangover?

This Bristol institution packs so much flavour and crunch into each of their pitta pockets (they make the pitta themselves) that you’ll be feeling a million dollars three bites in.

6. A toasted Cheese at Baltic Bakehouse, Liverpool

A toasted Cheese at Baltic Bakehouse, Liverpool

Baltic Bakehouse

Chewy sourdough bread, filled with melted cheese and controversially, onions. Obviously the chewy cheesy bits on the sides are the best bits though. Go with uson this one.

If cheese is too much to think about, grab one of their bacon buttys instead.

7. Build your own sandwich at New York Deli, Cardiff

Sometimes you’re so hungover that all you want is a quite a specific combination of ingredients, with no judgement. For example, a crisp sandwich, with grapes and cream cheese. Follow your heart then, to NYC Deli.

You can build your own hangover-buster sandwich, or follow their delicious menu either. Above is the Vegan Grinder. Take a look at their Facebook page for more mouth-watering examples.

8. A Pulled Pork roll at Pork & Co Canterbury

A Pulled Pork roll at Pork & Co Canterbury

Rachel Phipps / Via

Drag your sore head out of bed and feast on a delicious pork bap from Pork and Co.

Choose between apple butter or apple sauce, and add a sharp shard of crackling. Chow down and chase it with a cold can of Coke. All is well in the world again.

9. A pizza from Oscar And Rosie’s @ Das Kino Nottingham

Pizzzzaaaaa. Oscar and Rosie’s have gluten free options and can also sub in vegan cheese if you’d like.

Go eat at their Das Kino location and settle in next to the ping pong tables to work up a sweat after.

10. Philly Cheesesteak from The Liberty Cheesesteak Company London

Philly Cheesesteak from The Liberty Cheesesteak Company London

The Philly cheesesteak is one step up from a bacon bap. Choose between a whole roll or a half, choose your fave cheese (Provolone, American or “Liberty Wiz”) and finally decide on whether you want sautéed onions.

Once you’ve given them all your preferences, chow down on what’s definitely one of the best sandwiches in London. We promise.

11. A burger from Patty Smith’s, Leeds

A burger from Patty Smith's, Leeds

Patty Smith’s

Patty Smith’s whopper burgers will cure what ails you.

If the beef is too much to handle, their chicken burger is a stunner. Still too much? Their fries are immense.

12. A pasty at Philps Cornish Pasty, Hayle

Sometimes you don’t want a buttermilk chicken burger served on brioche. You want something portable that has potatoes and flaky pastry. And maybe a cup of tea.

Step in, Philp’s. A Cornish treasure, they know exactly what they’re doing.

13. A schnitzel from Mumma Schnitzel, Manchester

A schnitzel from Mumma Schnitzel, Manchester

Mumma Schnitzel

Stacks on stacks of free-range breaded chicken, sandwiched perfectly together.

Head down to the left bank to snap up a schnitzel and clear your foggy head.

14. A burger from Lola Jeans, Newcastle

A burger from Lola Jeans, Newcastle

Lola Jean’s relaxed environment and cosy decor will take the edge off your headache.

Shoo away the rest of your hangover with one of their juicy burgers. We tried them, and can confirm they’re good.

15. Steak and Eggs at the Lord Clifden, Birmingham

Steak and Eggs at the Lord Clifden, Birmingham

The Lord Clifden

See off your hangover the Ron Swanson way with steak and eggs.

The Lord Clifden add in fried potatoes, onions and toast too because “a light snack” is not the end goal here.

16. A parmo from G’s Golden Chippy, Ackham

A parmo from G's Golden Chippy, Ackham

A breaded chicken fillet the size of a pizza box. Creamy bechamel sauce. Pepperoni. Jalepenos. This parmo will either cure you, or see you off.

If you’d rather some other parmo options, we tried to hunt down the best one in Teesside.

17. The Full English at Pellici’s, London

Really, a fry-up’s the MVP in the fight against a hangover. Pellici’s is a London gem – a grade II listed building, giant cups of tea, and bubble and squeak for days. Lovely.

(PS! Let us know in the comments where your fave place for a fry-up is.)



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a bottle of original Lucozade, and a fry up in my own kitchen. I don’t want to get dressed or leave the house.

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