17 Former Classmates Of Famous People Share What They Were Like

17 Former Classmates Of Famous People Share What They Were Like –


Before A-List celebs became so recognizable that they struggle to walk down the street unnoticed, they were regular ole saps who went to regular ole high school and dealt with regular ole problems. Here’s the scoop on what is was like to share the halls with some of them:

1. zerbey — Wow, he’s got his stammer to thank for his career.

My FIL went to school with Bruce Willis and grew up in the same area so they played baseball together. He says he was as good kid but with a horrible stammer so he started taking voice coaching lessons to correct it. The rest is history.

2. VennicusRax — Awesome person? But she let Barb DIE.

I went to school with Natalia Dyer (Nancy from Stranger Things.) She’s an awesome person and very down to earth, quiet, and incredibly kind and thoughtful.

3. mrbubblesisalie — He’s only quiet cuz he’s afraid to get picked as tribute.

Josh Hutcherson. He was always very quiet, didn’t talk to people that much, and wasn’t around often as he was already an actor. We weren’t friends,, but others have said that he was a little stuck up. Although I wonder if it’s because he just wanted some time to be a regular kid.

4. xboxboy1221 — But why?

Grandparents went to school with Danny Devito. They said they had always thought he would end up in jail

5. HighCalibrHouseplant — Could you BE any more branchy?

My bro went to school with Matthew Perry. During one of the school plays Perry had the lead role and my brother was a tree.

6. swunty — We get it, he’s cool.

Went to school with Bo Burnham. Cool guy. Didn’t get to talk to him a whole lot but he seemed cool.

7. Aphrodite70 — Good guy Wiz.

Wiz Khalifa went to school here for a year or two due to his parents being military. My older sister was a year ahead of him in jr high. Surprisingly, those that remember him from school say he was more of a goody-two-shoes, would have never touched weed. He played football..and supposedly still keeps in contact with some old friends here.

8. Asmodicus — Nothing weird about showing love for an all-time NFL great.

I went to high school with Carrie Underwood. She was a grade below me. Sang at just about every football and basketball game we had, as well as the yearly “Old Settlers Day” celebration. She was nice, though there are some that might say she was just the teensiest bit snobby. This was mostly because she didn’t party like a lot of kids her age we’re at the time. She didn’t sleep around, and sang “I will remember you” at my graduation. One thing I remember: She sometimes had a strange sense of fashion. She’d sometimes wear these weird red leather pants with an old, faded Dan Marino Dolphins jersey.

9. soulfulplanet7 — Don’t speak that way of Baby.

Ansel Elgort, a fucking dick who knew he was hot shit


10. Old_man_at_heart — Homeschool: The Musical

My ex went to high school with zac effron. They were in play together but he ended up getting more and more famous at that point so he ended up homeschooling or something before graduation.

11. linkhandford — Hellen sounds nice.

I went to school with Ellen Page. We were in the same group of friends, went to all the same parties and ate lunch together. She kept thinking I was calling her “Hellen” all the time which was weird.

“Hi Ellen hows it going?”

“My name is ELLEN! Not Hellen!”

My best friend dated her for a bit and they were nice together. She’s one of those people that acts exactly how you’d expect. She’s a bit timid and shy but very nice.

12. MJIndian — I mean he was in the Phantom Menace, can you blame the bullies?

My brother went to HS with Jake Lloyd (the person who played young Anakin Skywalker in Phantom Menace) and according to him he wasn’t the most popular guy and was bullied at one point.

13. _ctrlaltdelete

Christina Perri. We were pretty tight freshman year, and then I went the super angsty teen route and she took the more chill “hippie” route. We always still got along but didn’t hang out after that. She was always incredibly nice, regardless.

14. BrothaBeejus — Pre-Beast Mode.

I went to high school with Marshawn Lynch. He was a grade below me. He was a pretty normal kid, by the standards of kids in the Oakland neighborhoods.

On the football field though, Jesus, he was just as good as he is now.

15. Needyouradvice93 — Sounds…odd.

I went to High School with Aziz Anzari. He used to always answer questions wrong in class and try to argue that he was actually right. Like, if the teacher asked what year America was discovered, he would say 1896 and tell the teacher they are wrong. He would ask for their source and claim the source was unreliable. Eventually, the teachers would ignore him then he’d tell me they were racist. I wasn’t really sure if he was funny or weird, I guess he was both.

16. Edawg649 — Wait what? A fight club?

my cousin went to high school with George R. R. Martin and recalled having a freshman lit class with him. when it was time for everyone to read their stories, George’s was BY FAR the best. apparently the entire class simultaneously dropped their jaws. guy’s a talent. oh, and apparently he was a typical nice dude.

oh, and he started a fight club.

17. the_chowhound — This is very believable.

Not me but my roommate went to high school with Rob Gronkowski and all of his brothers. Apparently the song Sandstorm was banned from school dances because the Gronks would go nuts on the dance floor and hurt people with their moshing.

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