17 Guys Share All The Things They Want Women To Do More In Bed

17 Guys Share All The Things They Want Women To Do More In Bed



About a year ago, we wrote about a reporter who took to the streets of New York to figure out what men wanted more of in bed. The results were pretty salacious, if a little obvious (BJs, 69, dirty talk…) but we decided we had to check back in and see what’s changed about the unfairer sex’s fantasies.

Guess what? Nothing changed! But the men of Reddit are a little more candid about what they want in the bedroom, at least, than guys speaking to a real live woman with a camera. And that means you’ve got an even better opportunity to judge them through your screen and wonder just how much oral men need before they’re satisfied.

Okay, there are some solid insights here, too.

1. PM_ME_NUDES_KINDLY really appreciates communication, as you can tell from their name.

Communicate more.

This is supposed to be a nice thing for both of us, so tell me what you want.

2. Pitmosh did good, okay? HE DID GOOD.

Give compliments if I did good. You have no idea how much it helps on the self-esteem.

3. Seriously cool down, says TeddySD.

Not radiate heat levels that match the sun when i’m trying to sleep

4. Empiire wants you to strike first.

Initiate sex.

5. Watermasta has coined the term ‘feed the erection’ and life is harder now.

Give me foreplay as well.

Some women don’t understand erections need to be fed. They don’t just get up and stay up for the entire session.

Touch me in non-sexual areas. Make me anticipate your next touch. Make me want it.

6. Very to the point, ThirdEncounter.

More licking. More tongue everywhere!!!

7. Why’s he always gotta be on the outside? asks JoshuaCGLOL.

Sometimes I want to be little spoon.

8. MonkeyCube wants you to get creative.

It’s okay to touch me and explore my body, too.

It’s not that women never do it, but it is rare. Sometimes it’s nice to be appreciated for our bodies the way we like to explore yours.

9. Another familiar demand from Lars294lars, this one dependent on time of day.

Wake up to a bj

10. ChuckCassadyJR says just go for it.

Talk dirty. I get it requires a bit of confidence but it’s insanely hot.

11. And this one again… You’re completely original, Aardvark1292. (It’s okay to lie.)

Compliments. I had been working out a lot, and started having sex with this girl. She would run her hand along my arms and tell me how strong I was. Was it true? I don’t even fucking care, it felt great.

Also in this same vein. Lie sometimes if you have to. I am an average guy with an average sized dick. It felt amazing that she would touch it and say shit like “you’re so big” or we would be mid-coitus and she would moan about how deep I was. Was any of that true? Fuck no. Did I like it? Fuck yes.

12. Jasonicca wants you to know what being good in bed’s really about.

not hog the covers

13. Nickio2k has a simple need for his GF.


14. ChrysMYO is trying his best not to be patronizing here.

Give head with Confidence and enthusiasm

For men, sex is as much visible as it is Physical. We can feel the subtlety in your mannerisms. When you don’t want to give head. We KNOW it. And you’re not really helping anyone, because it’s just going to take us longer to cum, when you do it half heartedly.

Giving head like it was the greatest event of your life can shave minutes off of the time it’ll take a man to cum.

So enjoy it, your neck will thank you.

Ps…… shitty head is STILL amazing so we’re not going to tell you to stop.

15. The commenters couldn’t help pointing out I_Adore_Fat_Chicks‘ username.

Lose the body self consciousness.

I’m in bed with you because I find you wildly attractive. So don’t be shy and pull away when I touch or caress parts of you that you’re embarrassed by.

My SO has a super cute belly. I love spooning with her and holding her belly – my arm around her waist and fingertips tucked just under the waistband of her panties.

She’s self conscious about it. Like she thinks she needs to be a size zero.

Honey, if I found size zero women attractive, I’d be with a size zero woman.

16. Cohacq says there IS a reason why men have nipples.

They never go for my nipples. Just because i dont have boobs doesnt mean they’re not sensitive!

17. And it’s only right that we end on the classic, from Weedful_things.

Give me a blowjob with a happy ending for a change.

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Post marriage women must take the lead. Don’t expect more than the right of first refusal. As you age, that’s already generous.

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