17 Hilarious Reactions To The New ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

We’re almost there – at the 8th official entry in the mainline Star Wars franchise (and hopefully this trilogy’s Empire), The Last Jedi – being released on December 15th, 2017. We’ve already received one pretty solid trailer, but it didn’t really inspire the same fiery, passionate response that the internet saw from those The Force Awakens trailers. Maybe it was because “new trilogy Star Wars” wasn’t as impactful as it was with TFA, maybe it was because we were all still a little underwhelmed by Rogue One, or maybe it was because that trailer didn’t include Porg. For one reason or another, that trailer just didn’t blow up the internet.

But anticipation has been building for this 2nd trailer – after all, this is the one delivered just two months away. More effects will be in place, and Disney will want to ramp up the hype to maximum levels. And, hey, they released a pretty rad poster, so that’s a good start:

But the trailer – would it be sorta a letdown like the last one? Or would it blow the internet into more pieces than Alderaan. (pretty obscure Star Wars reference, nbd)

Well call me Bail Organa, because that Last Jedi trailer just blew me and everyone I know up to prove a point to my disobedient daughter.



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