Everyone’s had a sexual experience or two that they’d rather forget about and never recreate again. Even if it was with someone you care about deeply, there are times when things just don’t go smoothly. Other times it’s because you’re with an idiot that has no idea what they’re doing and treats your body like a game of whack-a-mole. Here are 17 innocent GIFs that when looked at with a dirty mind, sum up so much of what it’s like to have terrible sex.

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1. That is not the way to bring pleasure to anyone’s life unless they happen to have an Xbox controller in place of their genitals.

2. I swear it normally doesn’t happen that fast.

3. “yes, baby. just like that. oh yes. you are the best.”

4. Oh, so I guess now that you’re finished we’re done, huh?

5. Thankfully there’s no sound to go with this one.

6. Please don’t put that anywhere near my mouth again.

7. Wait, that didn’t feel right. This is supposed to feel good, isn’t it?

8. Whatever gets this over with the quickest is fine by me.

9. I can picture the face the guy is making while doing this and honestly it’s ruining my life.

10. I’m pretty sure this is the opposite of “50 Shades of Grey.”

11. Was that good for you, baby?

12. Is it in yet? It is?

13. No really, that was great. It was the best 11 seconds of my life.

14. Excuse me. I need to go brush my teeth.

15. What’s even worse is you were also being doused in sweat while this was happening.

16. I’m begging you to stop trying to make eye contact while your face is doing that.

17. And that pretty much sums the whole thing up for everyone.