17 Insane Injuries That Happened On Live TV


Having people perform stunts on live TV is one of those things that sounds like it’s a great idea until someone is taking a flaming arrow to the chest. Thanks to proliferation of reality programming and variety shows in general, live tv injuries are fairly commonplace in the modern entertainment landscape. So much so that live television injuries aren’t just happening on variety shows. If you’re lucky, you can catch people getting hurt on local news broadcasts, and your favorite shopping channel. Cover your face with your hands and get ready to check out these things that happened on live TV.

People get hurt all the time in sports, but those aren’t the kind of injuries on live TV that we’re talking about. Most of the people that we’re covering who were hurt on live TV didn’t sign up to be punched by a stranger or set on fire by an overeager talk show host, they just wanted to peddle their wares and go home. If anything, this cavalcade of people getting hurt on TV should serve as a warning to any of you daredevils that want to take your act to the small screen. Don’t let someone shoot you with a flaming arrow or throw an axe at you unless you’re sure that you can make it out alive. Keep reading to find out about the folks who were injured on TV.

The Guy Who Got Shot by a Flaming Arrow on Live TV

Video: YouTube

On an episode of America’s Got Talent that aired on August 2nd, 2016, Ryan Stock and his fiancé were all set to perform a death defying flaming arrow trick when everything went wrong. Instead of shooting a target that Stock was holding in his mouth, his fiancé accidentally shot him in the neck. The camera cut away to the stunned hosts, but not before giving the home audience a glimpse at the terror that keeps illusionists and stuntmen awake at night. Stock later went on Twitter to let everyone know that everything was cool.

Magician Is Set on Fire in TV Prank

Video: YouTube

You know that really funny prank where you set your friends on fire? Well that happened to magician Wayne Houchin when Dominican television presenter Franklin Barazarte set Houchin on fire apropos of nothing. Houchin survived the incident and immediately filed charges against Barazarte.

QVC Presenter Falls Off a Ladder

Video: YouTube

While demonstrating to viewers at home how to use a ladder, a QVC presenter fell from the top of one of their products. This happened as a caller was explaining how everyone in her apartment was jealous of her for owning one of these finished nickel death machines. Almost as soon as the presenter hits the floor the cameras cut to a beauty shot of the product. Well played QVC.

Bear Attacks Woman on Live TV

Video: YouTube

For some reason, it was totally fine for karate men to bring their pet bears onto talk shows in the 80s even though bears are prone to eating people and stealing their picnic baskets. A Polish woman (who was also a guest on the show) was attacked by the bear before the karate man managed to wrestle it to the ground. The camera captured the entire attack, and even though the bear was declawed and muzzled it’s still a gruesome sight to behold. The bear was put down after the incident.

Reporter Falls While Stomping Grapes

Video: YouTube

Is there a more dangerous job than that of a morning news reporter? This reporter for Fox 5 News learned the hard way not to goof around when you’re stomping grapes. Thankfully the camera didn’t stop rolling when she fell or we’d never know the dulcet tones of a woman choking on pure embarrassment.

Magic Trick Goes Terribly Wrong

Video: YouTube

On an episode of the Polish talk show Question for Breakfast in 2016 a magician was showing the hosts how to perform that classic trick where you slam your hand down onto a bag that might have a nail in it. When the magician became “confused” one of the presenters, Marzena Rogalska, ended up shoving a nail through her hand when she popped the wrong bag.

Italian Actress Attempts to Splits for the Last Time

Video: YouTube

In 2015 the Italian actress Lisa Fusco, or Subrettina to her fans, attempted to do the splits on the MezzoGiorno Italiano talk show and things got weird very quickly. Fusco jumped straight into the splits and either miscalculated or slipped and ended up breaking her arm as the show ended early to help get the actress medical attention.

QVC Host Stabs Himself with a Sword

Video: YouTube

We’re not sure what the best part about this video is. Is it the host of QVC show banging one of his products on a table until it breaks and impales him, as if willed by karma? Or is it the loving shot of the katanas as the host writhes in pain just out of the shot? Trick question. It’s the producer asking “You awright?” in the most cliché Southern accent ever.

Reporter Blasted with Shrapnel During Syrian Airstrike

Video: YouTube

While reporting from a Syrian war zone, reporter Ebrahim al-Khateeb was blasted with shrapnel after an on camera explosion that came out of nowhere. The cameras continued to roll and captured the gruesome aftermath of the incident. For what it’s worth, al-Khateeb was listed as being in stable condition shortly after the report.

Anthea Turner Barely Survives a Motorcycle Accident

Video: YouTube

While presenting a motorcycle stunt on BBC’s UP2U (a live children’s show), Anthena Turner was almost killed when the motorcyclist received an early cue. The bike almost blew up Turner by setting off flash pots when it rode past her. It’s insane.

Drummer Hit with Axe on Live TV

Video: YouTube

In 2015, Westpoint drummer Jeff Prosperie was hit with an axe live on Fox News when one of their hosts gave a wild throw that sent the weapon flying over a target and into a line of drummers playing directly behind the target. Prosperie survived with only a few scrapes, but the accidental attack could have been much worse.

There’s Nothing Like a Jet Pack Crash to Begin a Broadcast

Video: YouTube

Whoever had the idea to use a water powered jet pack to begin a Fox 69 broadcast should be given the biggest comedy award available. We can laugh at the footage now, but in the moment this must have been a nightmare for the anchor that got rammed into by a dork on a jet pack.

Giada De Laurentiis Slices Finger Open on Live TV

Video: YouTube

When you think about it,  it’s surprising that there aren’t more TV chefs chopping their fingers off on live television. In 2013 Giada De Laurentiis was hosting a Thanksgiving segment where she managed to slice through her index finger as the cameras were rolling. Giada later told everyone, “Honestly, I’ve been doing this a long time. I’ve never cut myself like this.”

Reporter Stabbed While Wearing a Stab Proof Vest

Video: YouTube

When journalist Eitam Lachover agreed to let a guy stab him while wearing a stab proof vest he probably assumed that he’d finish the segment with a funny story, but instead he ended up with a gash in his back. According to the maker of the vest, the guy stabbing Lachover got a little overzealous and accidentally stabbed the reporter out of the bounds of the vest.

Home Shopping Network Host Eats Sh*t and Continues His Pitch

Video: YouTube

While attempting to sell the “Flex-O-Ladder” on the Home Shopping Network, Harold McCoo was trying to show off the product’s durability by climbing all over it and managed to bust his face in. But being the professional that he is, McCoo went right on with his pitch even after suffering what had to be a painful fall.

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