17 Interesting Things You May Not Have Seen Before

1. Schindler’s List. April 18, 1945

2. Oskar Schindler being greeted by 300 holocaust survivors in Jerusalem, on May 1, 1962

Oskar Schindler, center, is surrounded by holocaust survivors in Jerusalem, Israel on May, 1, 1962. Upon his arrival, Schindler was greeted by 300 Israelis whom he saved from being exterminated by the Nazis during World War II. (AP Photo)

3. Elephant Armor

4. Artist Rudolf Kohn, transformed a mangled car into an emoji as an anti texting & driving PSA

5. Every survivor of Larry Nassar’s abuse standing on stage during the ESPYs

6. Flight delayed in Japan. Airline employees bow to the passengers to apologize

7. Doctors and nurses bow to an organ donor

8. You will not be arrested for using drugs in Amsterdam

9. Rescue dog receives a statue after saving the lives of 12 people during the aftermath of the Mexico earthquake of last year

10. She also got a mural!

VIew of a large mural paint (R) in honor to Frida, the Mexican Navy’s rescue dog in Mexico City on October 10, 2017, three weeks after the earthquake that killed more than 300 people. / AFP PHOTO / ALFREDO ESTRELLAALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP/Getty Images

11. Thai boys rescued from cave honor Navy SEAL Saman Kunan who died during rescue

Public Health Ministry has released pictures showing a group of 12 boys and their coach mourning former Sgt . Saman Kunan, a Thai ex-SEAL who died as he returned from an operation to deliver oxygen tanks to the cave where the boys were located. The pictures were taken Saturday afternoon
They also have written messages of thanks on a portrait of Kunan and promised to be ‘good guys’.

12. Xi Jinping (president of China) covered in ink, and the woman (Dong Yaoqiong) who’s gone missing for doing it

13. Children in an iron lung before polio vaccination, 1950

14. The Silver Snipers are a CS:GO team in Sweden where the youngest member is 62 and the oldest 81. They say playing CS has helped to give them a confidence boost and serve as a sort of mental gymnastics.

15. This is officially the last Blockbuster in the US. Bend, Oregon

16. Two different artists’ interpretations of the same concept

17. President Trump has some words for the Iranian President

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