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17 Laugh-Worthy Pics That Are Just Funny

17 Laugh-Worthy Pics That Are Just Funny


Well, guys, it’s time for some funny pics to brighten your day, to get you through the week, to help you lolz away the time! And when I say those things, what I really mean is here are 17 amusing pictures to distract you while you’re pooping. So let that sphincter relax, start scrolling, and remember to wash your hands when you’re done!

Also, if you do this regularly, it probably wouldn’t hurt to use a Lysol wipe on your phone once in a while…

1. Always interesting what people decide to share on social media


via Twitter / @SIRPYREXX

2. If you don’t get your weekly allowance, you gotta get creative


via Twitter / @bethhsharples

3. Lesson learned: kids are assholes


via Imgur / wildmonkey5

4. Doesn’t seem like a fair trade…

Do you know how much a pocket mouth costs?!


via reddit / augustprep

And while we’re on the topic of sex, how do you get kids to take sexual safety seriously these days?

5. Unfortunately, slathering yourself in repel won’t keep chlamydia away


via reddit / KingPic

6. Who knew that this generation’s laziness, entitlement and lack of work ethic would be our saving grace?


via Twitter / @StopWhtePpl2k16

7. I’ve seen the “Mr. Hands” video, I know how this ends…

And it’s not well


via Twitter / @ChipperKaden

8. They have one dollar ticket deals, what did you expect?

I  can’t even get on to my city bus for that price.


via Twitter / @frugaltraveler

Speaking of getting duped, guys have been pulling this next one for years…

9. Ladies, how do you avoid getting played?

Find yourself a man who is physically incapable of growing facial hair. Now that’s true sexy right?!


via Instagram / @some_f***ing_asshole

10. Dad just wants to feel included, too


via Twitter / @safwanseth

Side note: in rare instances some men with breastfeeding wives do experience sympathy lactation. These are probably also the same guys who can’t grow facial hair…

11. It’s 2016 guys, everyone should be able to have a ballsack


via Twitter / @kylegotjokes

12. A Kodak moment if there ever was one


via Twitter / @ciaraa00

Ever wonder what the most enduring Olympic trend of all time is?

13. Of course, volleyball was a close second


via reddit / TheFlyingLemon

14. Ever wonder what the best way to quit your job is?

Rest assured, they’ve moved on to a better place.


via reddit / springmint5

15. Teachers really have to find creative ways to appeal to kids nowadays…


via reddit / introducingpooch

16. Seems a little excessive

You know you could have just saved it on Pinterest, right?


via Instagram / @f***jerry

17. You didn’t choose the nug life. The nug life chose you

Now there’s a timeless tattoo that will remain meaningful for the rest of your life


via Twitter / @neliousfilms

Main Image via Instagram / @f***jerry


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