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As it turns out, the spots on a giraffe’s skin can tell us where it’s from. And rats inhabit all the continents except Antarctica and a small Canadian province that came up with an original way of fighting these harmful rodents. Who would’ve thought that by looking at world maps you could find out so many interesting facts, stories, and even answers to interesting questions?

How many steps per day people from different countries take

Some people recommended naming this “Who Are the Laziest People?” It actually shows the number of steps that a person living in a country makes per day. The data was collected using a special fitness application and more than 700,000 people took part in the study.

It turned out that the most active people live in Hong Kong — they take 6,880 steps per day and the least active people live in Indonesia, taking only 3,513 steps.

The spots on a giraffe’s skin can tell us about its origin.

The studies of the giraffe genome showed that there are 4 kinds of giraffes and every single one of them has a special color that also indicates its origin.

How much 1 liter of petrol costs in different countries

The price of petrol is shown in euros. The data was collected for February 2018. The lowest price is in Venezuela. In Russia, petrol costs less than in any other European country. The most expensive petrol can be found in Hong Kong, Iceland, Senegal, and Mali.

Average monthly salaries in different European countries in 2018 (after taxes)

The lowest salaries were found in Azerbaijan and Ukraine (less than $300), the highest were found in Denmark, Norway, Luxemburg, Iceland, and Switzerland (more than $3,000).

How many billionaires are there for every 10 million people in different countries?

According to Forbes, in 2018, in countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Moldavia, there are no billionaires.

In Luxemburg, there is not a single registered billionaire, but there are 17 guests. You can easily find a billionaire in Switzerland, Monaco, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

How many scientists there are for every million inhabitants

How many prisoners there are in every 100,000 inhabitants

The age of women when they have their first child

The increase in population in different continents from 2000-2018

The population of our planet has grown by 1.5 billion people since 2000. According to scientists, at the same pace by 2039, there will be 8.5 billion people on Earth.

How many people are born in an hour in different countries

The population of Japan has been decreasing for several years now because women have been choosing careers over family and are less likely to get married and have children.

In Nigeria, on the contrary, since 1960 the population has grown 4 times. Here, people want to have big families. And in the northern part of the country, men often live with several wives and every wife wants to have as many children as possible in order to be the top woman of the family.

The average age of inhabitants in different countries

The age children stop going to school or finish it

The percentage of the literate population

Teenagers ages 15 and older as well as adult people were the ones counted.

The lowest January temperature in different countries of Europe

For the European part of Russia, it’s −74° F. And the warmest Januaries were in Portugal and Ireland.

How much power per year is used in different countries (kW/hour per 1 person per year)

The most polluted countries in the world

When making the ratings, the following indicators were used:

  • power consumption per capita
  • CO2 emissions from burning fuel per capita
  • the level of air pollution
  • the number of deaths caused by polluted air
  • the production of “green” energy

In Europe, the most toxic countries are Bulgaria, Luxemburg, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Asia, they are Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. Also included were Trinidad and Tobago in central America, and Libya in Africa.

The places where rats live

The blue spot in Canada is the Alberta province. In the 1950s, the local authorities implemented a rat population control program: a perimeter was closed off and there were special people that spread the rat poison. And even if rats do find a way to get into the territory of Alberta, they won’t be able to find a warm place for a comfortable life because of the low temperatures and low population.

It is known that in 1959, 600 rats were found and killed and in 2007 only 2; and in 2014, only 4. And in 2003 and 2016, there were no rats at all.

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