17 Mind-Blowingly Dumb Questions People Have Actually Asked


It’s good to be curious about the world around you and to ask questions when you don’t know the answer to something, but we gotta draw the line somewhere.

That somewhere happens to be at the corner of ignorance and arrogance, with a healthy dose of sheer cringe.

The “no such thing as a stupid question” rule has just been vetoed and you’re about to understand why.

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1. vonMishka needs a brain massage:

I was given a $100 gift certificate for a massage one year for my birthday. I chose a service that was exactly $100. As I was checking out:

Girl at the counter: Would you like to add a gratuity?

Me: yes, 20 Girl: . dollars or percent???

Me: um, either one, they’re both the same

Girl: um, I need you to tell me which one!!!

Me: the bill is one hundred dollars. 20% is the same as $20 since the total is $100.

Girl: looks at me like I’m a total moron, sneers and then types into her computer.

Her face showed utter shock when her computer screen agreed with me.

2. thestonez reads a map:

On a map, is the blue part the water or the sky?

3. gogigod is a survivor:

I told one of my classmates I got malaria when I was a baby and she was like, “Oh my god?! Did you survive??”

4. jduska is star struck:

A buddy of mine asked me how could there be so many pilots flying planes at the same time. Confused, I asked him what the hell he was talking about. He then told me ( with a dead serious face) that all the little lights in the night sky were planes but he was amazed at how many flights were going on at once. I then informed him, much to his shock, that all those little lights in the night sky were stars. Couldn’t make this shit up if I wanted to.

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5. ljhns meets someone with brain freeze:

While watching Frozen with a group of friends, my brothers girlfriend, 30 minutes in looks confused and upset and looks me in my eyes and asks “If their parents died, are they still sisters?”. She had been thinking about it for 30 minutes. I had to console her and let her know that if her parents died, her sister would still be her sister.

6. sambooka21 has to re-think humanity:

Girl I knew was telling another girl how she was born at home rather than the hospital, she looked shocked and genuinely asked, with no sarcasm whatsoever, “was your Mum there too?”, I was flabbergasted to say the least – we were around 15

7. Andrewcshore315 know when you’re in Rome:

Did Rome exist during the time of ancient Rome? No, Ashley, Rome didn’t exist when Rome existed.

8. Waluigifan meets a firebender:

I had someone ask the teacher in science class why fire wasn’t on the periodic table. Now, that wouldn’t be stupid except for the fact that he proceeded to argue his point that fire is an element until the teacher started ignoring him.

9. LittleGina needs change:

I overheard someone asking how many quarters were in a dollar. I’m in college.

10. putinssistersbrother knows about the secret government baby program:

While explaining that there is a job for just about everyone in the army, even people that don’t really have a job in mind can just go infantry. “You.. You mean I can have babies for the army?”

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11. asleepunderthebridge grew her hair out:

I’m a girl, and I had very short hair when I start high school. By my junior year, it was long enough that I kept it up in a ponytail 96% of the time. A girl stops me in the hallway. “Are you not gay anymore?”

Me: ????

Her: well, I mean, you grew your hair out…

12. xoxomaxine gives someone an identitiy crisis:

Lived in Louisiana for 2 years. Worked at a department store. A grown woman asked me “so what are you? Black or white?” …..I’m Asian. I was the first Asian she met.

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13. Zaquarius_Alfonzo meets a spelling champion:

A girl in my high school class once asked the teacher how to spell her (own) name


14. JujuVree can’t believe her friend:

“Were there people 500 years ago?” My friend asked me this today. She’s a senior in high school. Who is in honors classes.

15. webbchicken knows what it’s like to be the dumb one:

Me: Yea..uh…how much is the ten dollar one? Cashier: You serious?? My friends won’t let me forget that one.

16. SheepForges frees Willy:

Someone in my science class thought whales were the males and dolphins were females. We were 14 at the time.

17. -rabid- is an astronmer compared to his wife:

My wife once asked me if the clouds were behind the moon, because there was light cloud cover and you could see the moon through the clouds.astronomer

She failed astronomy in high school, in case you were wondering.

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