17 Mistresses Confess About What It’s Like Being The “Other Woman”

“I was happier as a mistress than I ever have been as a girlfriend.” All confessions courtesy of Whisper.




















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4 replies on “17 Mistresses Confess About What It’s Like Being The “Other Woman””

Pathetic. It’s so sad how dependent women are on attention.
It does have some up sides though. Like flashing boobies and such.

Cheaters are pathetic. Both sides, but at least the men are simple and honest. They separate sex from emotion.
These women want what they can’t have, but are too stupid to just realize and admit it. Once they had their guy to themselves, they wouldn’t be happy anymore.


There are different kinds of mistresses, corresponding to equivalent roles of a person’s primary romantic partner.

(1) GF on the side – This may be sexual or it may not be. A bloke may have a female best friend, or friend with benefits. There is no implied commitment or exclusivity. You might even include a man’s regular commercial sex provider, if it goes a little beyond pure commerce and includes friendship.

(2) Second life partner – Someone you have the equivalent of a full life partner relationship with on the side. Shared home (or rent paid) and possibly raise a family with her. There is usually an implied or explicit commitment, notwithstanding one person is already married.

(3) Concubine – In certain parts of the world, you can have a second partner that is public knowledge and may or may not actually live with the married couple. Generally, the original wife and her children have superior status.

(1) is a threat to the primary spouse, but friendships may come and go. (3) Is a stable situation for all parties as long as they can get things worked out rationally. (2) is the most dangerous for the original partner, because of the commitment by the ‘cheater’ and the mistress, and also for the ‘cheater’ because it is possible that the ‘mistress’ doesn’t know she is one.

I have seen all manner of mistresses. Hong Kong is full of them. Their motives are all different. For some it’s fun without commitment, others need to fill a financial or emotional void and make do with a married man. Some cheat with other married people because they want to feel a fresh relationship for a while. Few get into it as a power trip or out of spite. A lot of mistresses start out not knowing they are no 2 and end up having to accept the reality.

As for the cheater, it often starts out as a friendship with an undercurrent of attraction, blossoms into genuine love, but what keeps the cheater with the mistress is, ironically, a sense of duty in keeping to commitments he has made to her.

My mentor had a bad experience with a mistress that found out and tried to top herself. Not a weak-ass cry for help, but a full-on well executed attempt to die. He cautioned me to wear a wedding ring and be up front about it all. I went a step further and learned to keep it all commercial.

Sad, pathetic women and the losers they can’t do without…

well, it is their life if they want to be stupid. *shrug*

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