17 Odd and Unusual Things Seen in X-Rays

1. An X-ray of an LED bulb


2. “This is how a parrot gets an X-ray done. The bird is alive and everything is fine with it. The procedure was done by a vet and we were there to help hold our pet.”


3. “Apparently there is a little boy in my son’s brain. And it’s not Photoshopped.”



4. “So my patient wouldn’t let me X-ray her unless I PROMISED to X-ray her pony after…”


5. This x-ray of a pregnant turtle would make a killer album cover.


6. “Managed to X-ray my helmet the other day.”



7. “Had to get our ball python an X-ray. Thought this would be interesting to share.”


8. “I took an X-ray of a ballpoint pen.”


9. “My piercings under X-ray”



10. “We made a nice Halloween card.”


11. Turtles are not “inside” their shells. They “are” their shells.


12. This is what an X-rayed cat looks like



13. “Triple-tongue piercing in my X-ray”



14. “The tooth fairy owes me a lot of money at this point. I’m 33 and here are my X-rays showing my remaining baby teeth.”


15. An X-ray of a pink Hawaiian coral peony



16. “An X-ray of my dog’s pregnant belly — we can count 5 puppies.”


17. “My first X-ray on the second day of radiology school”

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If Superman looked at an x-ray with his x-ray vision…what would he see?

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