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There is never an ideal time, place, or context to find out your spouse or significant other is cheating. It’s one of the most universally horrible forms of betrayal, and no matter how romantically experienced you are, there’s no way to prepare yourself for the raw sadness that inevitably befalls when it happens to you.

Again, I don’t think there’s any universal way to quantify the gut-punching feeling of betrayal of being cheated on. But the initial shock of the realization is consistently one of the hardest humps to get over. This pang of shock is exponentially worse when you catch them in the act.

These moment of depressing realization, where the veil of a seemingly healthy relationship is lifted to reveal lies and deceit, begs several questions. For example, how are you supposed to respond when you see your neighbor in your bed with your husband? Is it unethical to go through a partner’s phone if you’ve already peeped foul play out of your peripheral?!

The questions are truly endless, and even more will be sparked when you read the anecdotes from a recent Reddit thread of cheating horror stories.

I promise, I’m not sharing these depressing tales of betrayal to tarnish your faith in love, but rather – to make you feel less alone if you’ve ever been through the emotional ringer.


1. When she scams you in more way than one.

2. TFW Facebook is full of secrets.

3. When her brother is more faithful than her.

4. When he buttdials you at the worst moment.

5. When she’s far too friendly with her coworker.

6. TFW you’re a concerned neighbor.

7. When she told everyone else you’re over.

8. TFW technology is a narc.

9. When your own family does you dirty.

10. When you get home from Korea and everything has changed.

11. When her friend is just a cover.

12. TFW she blows up her own spot.

13. When the side chick gives you a ring.

14. TFW you unhatch her escape plan.

15. When he deserves to be in jail.

16. Condoms never lie.

17. When you find out in the most humiliating work setting.

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