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17 People Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed Near A Barbecue

It’s the 4th of July! Get your helmets.

1 . Just need to adjust the settings a bit.

2 . Yikes! Too much!

3 . Nothing like a BBQ pool party.

4 . This must’ve been a Martha Stewart tip.

5 . This fail is actually how the mustard’s been applied.

6 . To be fair, it IS important the chicken is fully cooked.

7 . This is a XXX-rated BBQ.

8 . How come no one is around in this picture?

9 . So we’re ordering in?

10 . Just needs a little more sauce.

11 . Cute, but a fail nonetheless.

12 . Should we tell her? Nah.

13 . It’s like fireworks, only completely terrifying.

14 . Planking is still a thing?

15 . Let’s take a picture first, and then call the fire department.

16 . Just blow it out like it’s birthday candles.

17 . Safety first!



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