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17 People So Dumb You Will Worry About The Human Race

You know it’s illegal to lie under oath, right?

Either she doesn’t know what the word “never” means, or the world “worn.”

Forget about dogs having brains and worry about getting one of your own.

If dogs can only walk because we tell them to, then how come my dog isn’t cleaning my apartment right now?

Let’s hope ~*KIMBER*~ is very, very good looking.

Shhhh.. just go back to sleep.

The worst part is 61 people liked this.

How dare the special interest groups ruin a perfectly good TV logo for the rest of us??

This school is really hard to get into.

How’s it hanging?

Don’t forget your passport!

Trump is such a bad candidate even really stupid people hate him.

Stupidity alert !!!!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of “durrrr.”

You can’t misspell once without “u.”

This is how Thanksgivings get awkward.

Something tells me the anonymous doesn’t really want this question answered.

Houston, we have a problem.

Please, someone spare him his life of this monstrosity.

I sometimes wish he’d never been born at all.

No child left behind.


Just say “no” to the “shorter no.”

Shhh, they’re sleeping.

America really needs to up their mummy education game.

The shortest distance between confusion and stupidity is this.


This person is registered to vote.

From angry to ironic in 60 seconds.

They’ll never catch her!

Facebook: land of the criminals who want to get caught.

Ooh, that’s a good deal!


Act now before you’ll go back to paying less!!!


17 People So Dumb You Will Worry About The Human Race


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