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17 People Who Straight Up Did It Wrong

17 People Who Straight Up Did It Wrong


Look, I’m not always a hundred percent on my game, but when you’re so blatantly just “doin’ it wrong,” you’ve gotta get called out from time to time. So let’s take a look at these “wrongdoers” and have ourselves a sensible chuckle. Really, I think we’ve all been there, to a degree…


1. Hey, at least they’re on his head, right?

viaImgur / AyyyitsRodney

2. Buckle up!

viareddit / fuccess

3. Complete with a copy of Dark Souls 3. You’re welcome, mom!

4. You know what, I’d probably do the same thing…

viareddit / erinaceidae

5. Umm… someone should probably help her

viareddit / racersayum

6. Probably just has brain freeze

viareddit / nix_xon

7. Dude, I wish!

10. I guess we’re boned…

11. A little too literal for my taste

viaTwitter / @falloutdolans

12. I’m no hairstylist, but I think there’s a few things wrong here…

viaImgur / babadoosh

13. Not sure that quite adds up

viareddit / skiman224

14. Bottom’s up, I guess?

15. What kind of processor does this have?

viareddit / [deleted]

16. This must be put together by those 1-out-of-10 dentists and doctors who disagree with the rest of them, huh?

viaImgur / libbydisney

17. Alright, let’s clean up this mess… perfect.

viaImgur / SithRuleOfTwo

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