17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera

These unexplainable photos are not for the faint of heart. Be warned: some of these are truly scary. I wouldn’t look at these by myself or late at night. The rule with reading about ghosts is only do it when it is still safe to feed a Mogwai.

1. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

One of the most famous ghost photographs ever taken. Supposedly the ghost of Lady Dorothy Walpole, the “Brown Lady” as she is now known, died in 1726 and has been haunting Raynham Hall ever since.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via aformerskeptic

2. Ghostly Light

Notice how the child seems most just see, but also be reacting to, the eerie figure.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via shockingnews

3. Smoky Spectre

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via thiyagu

4. Ghostly Light II

At first glance this image appears to be an optical trick, however, the dog in the photo sees the ghostly light.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via hauntedamericantours

5. Alcatraz Ghost

There have been rumors about the haunting of one the most famous prisons in history (it once held Al Capone and Mickey Cohen) ever since Alcatraz closed its doors as a functional prison in 1963. However, not everyone who visits this tourist site is (un)lucky enough to get a real glimpse. Earlier this year, a couple from England claimed to have captured photographic proof.

6. The Little Boy in the Basement

This photo was taken around 3AM in the basement of a house a family had just purchased. None of them recognize the young boy in this photograph. The creepiest part, a family member overheard a two year old talking to “someone” in the basement. One of the things they overheard is the young child saying, “No! It’s mine!” when he was supposedly by himself. *Shivers*

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via ghosthauntings

7. North Georgia

A couple set up a camera overnight to catch images of what they thought were trespassers. They next day they found this image.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via coasttocoastam

8. Odgen, Utah

Strangely enough, this photograph was taken at a Godfather’s Pizza after numerous unexplained phenomenon spooked employees. Just some of the weird occurrences included: a jukebox playing music while unplugged, mysterious, unexplained sounds, floor moving on its own, and this picture. The people who were there while the photo was being taken claim they could see the figure with the naked eye.
17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via mdolla

9. Ghost or Alien?

While the figure behind the car appears to be ghost, if the image is enlarged the figure appears to be an alien. The truth is out there.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via pinterest/sherryjacksongraf

10. Manilla, Philippines

Although the ghost in the picture has its hand around the woman on the right, she reportedly didn’t feel any strange presence or feeling while the photo was being taken.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via hauntedhovel

11. Departing Soul?

This photo was taken the day before the man died.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via ghostsnghouls

12. Gloucestershire, UK

This photo was taken during a wedding by a twelve year old, while the bride and groom danced. A mysterious apparition appears in the bottom right corner.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via angelsghosts


13. Party Ghost

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera
via mostlyghosts

14. Hospital

The photographer who took this image claims that while they were taking the photo their hand started to feel “freezing” cold.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via ghostplace

15. Perth, Australia

This photo was taken in early 2005 in a casino restaurant. Unlike most other ghost photos, this one was taken in a public place. The image appears to be of an old woman or baby and has an eerie skeletal appearance.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera
via ghoststudy

16. Husband

The women in the photograph claims that the man seen behind her is her husband…who had died over 10 years before this photo was taken.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via mdolla

17. Orb… or ghost?

You decide.

17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera via EMGN


17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera



5 replies on “17 Real Ghosts Caught On Camera”

There is some real good evidence of ghosts out there. Some of these seemed kinda sketchy though. I think they were more for funny haha than real proof.

Ghosts are real. Aliens are real. We all inhabit different dimensional planes.

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