17 Signs That Went Way Too Far

1. This lovely Chinese food sign.

Fu King

2. And this nice combination of things.

How does that work then?..

3. This dedit card transaction.

It does what?

4. This helpful explanation. Also:

Due to bigger cats, the cats will be big.

Due to bigger cats, the cats will be big.

5. This friendly request.

Somewhere in UK

6. This lack of punctuation.

Punctuation is key.

7. This reassuring sign.

This reassuring sign.

8. This reminder.

Just in case...

9. This extremely descriptive sign.

"No Trespassing"

10. This reliable champion.

Found this on my way to the beach, I thought it was pretty legit!

11. This restriction.

Don't light up near pubes

12. And this piece of life advice.

At my local dry cleaners. (Sorry about potato quality)

13. This phone number.

I saw this billboard and almost got into an accident I laughed so hard.

14. This unnecessary labeling. huehuehue

Bathroom sign

15. These generous souls.

Deal on a stick

16. This lovely sentiment.

All about dat grace

17. And finally, this family planning advice.

Great Advice

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