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17 Strange Stories Of Dead Bodies Discovered In Public

17 Strange Stories Of Dead Bodies Discovered In Public


Bodies found in weird places will make you even jumpier about turning a dark corner late at night, now that you know there’s a chance you could run into a mugger and/or a dead body. These people who died under odd circumstances and took awhile to find are thankfully the exceptions rather than the norm, but there are still plenty of dead bodies found in weird places on this list of crazy places dead people have been found.

What are the weirdest places bodies have been found? From a woman found dead in her cubicle after over a day, to a dead baby shark being found in a bathroom stall, to even a body found in an elevator shaft frozen in ice, these are the 12 strangest stories of dead bodies being found in public places. Enjoy. Also, make sure that if anything ever happens to you, you have someone who will go to your place and delete your internet history. That’s an important friend to have.

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