17 Things That Once Pointed Out, You Can NOT Unsee

Sometimes it just takes a little change in perspective to forever change the way you’ve looked at something your whole life. These 15 people have the change of perspective, now prepare to have your itty bitty mind FOREVER ALTERED (with basically useless trivia).

1. yeesh_kabab — Also we’re always smelling the inside of our noses.

You can always see your nose, your brain just has the ability to ignore it.

2. PukekoKiwi — Probably Megs fault.

In recent Family Guy, whenever one of the characters isn’t talking all the others just stay still, staring at nothing. Sometimes they don’t even blink, it’s just a still frame with one character talking with occasional body movement.

3. KazDragon — Yummmmm, air.

The amount of people in television and film drinking from empty cups.

4. LousyKarma — Real original, Nationals.

The Washington nationals and Walgreens convenience store have the same logo

5. EarthBoundDom — And now I also can’t unimagine Batman pooping snakes.

There’s a line in “You Can Fly” from Peter Pan that sounds like “Think of Batman pooping snakes” and you can’t unhear it. Go to 2:07.

6. MajorBumsore — Yet he is an A-list HUNK.

Tom Cruise’s teeth, they’re not centred. Google it.

7. civiestudent — Interesting.

“Counting Stars” by OneRepublic has this high-pitched snick sound that repeats at every drum loop. You can’t hear it if you’re over a certain age, though. Lower the pitch using audio editing software and you can hear it. I love that song but the snick drives me crazy.

8. moronicuniform — We gotta go rewatch.

In the 1997 Sci-fi classic “The 5th Element”, the hero Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) and the villian Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg (Gary Oldman) never actually meet. In the climax of the film they narrowly miss each other, but otherwise are only barely aware of each other’s existence

9. ExtensionCommand1 — Hmm, yeah why do they have belly buttons?

In every depiction of Adam and Eve, they have belly buttons. Ever since I learned this, I always look for the belly button.

10. purplepopx3 — Oh yes, it’s there.

The black border (around the edge of the screen) of white iPhones

11. Ih8Failorida — Riker is dumb and things chairs are horses.

On Star Trek the Next Generation, Riker does not sit in chairs. He mounts them as if he were getting on a horse.

12. Ryoukugan — But what a great timesaver.

A lot of anime is filled with scenes that aren’t actually animated; it’s a still frame with no animation a lot of the time.

13. esechologringo — Next time it’s -4 degrees outside, I won’t be as upset.

-4° looks like a guy taking a shit

14. slutforslurpees — Time for a new mattress.

I was complaining to my mom that I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night randomly, and that my back has been hurting for some reason.

“it’s probably your mattress. we bought it used when you were old enough to have an actual mattress, so it’s probably, like, over 20 years old” She said.

I’m so hyper-aware of how old and hard my mattress is I haven’t slept soundly since.

15. island8996 — Nice. Real nice.

Saturday has the word Turd in it

16. I_Have_The_Legs — Almost seems hard to believe.

In the Lord of The Rings movies, Legolas only talks to Frodo once. (When he says “And my bow”)

17. agirlnamedsenra — Maybe they just coincidentally always film ads at 10:10. Like a super coincidence. Think about it.

In watch ads, the watch is always at 10:10. It’s more aesthetically appealing. If there are several watches, the most prominent will be at 10:10.

A friend told me this in college and I’ve seen it everywhere ever since.



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