15 Times ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Was Inappropriate

15 Times ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Was Inappropriate

There’s a reason why Bob’s Burgers stands out so much against other animated series currently on air. Where most of these other animated shows go for the shock value (“Look at me! I made a dirty joke, but it’s funny because I’m animated!”), Bob’s Burgers works because due to the fact that it’s simply well-written. The writers created genuinely good characters, which makes us care about them. And because we care about them, we can laugh at/with them. It’s a simple formula.

With that being said, Bob’s Burgers isn’t completely innocent. Every now and then, it gets  a little dirty. When the scene calls for it, the show sometimes delves into territory that is unquestionably inappropriate. Even though it’s usually decent family fare, the Belcher’s show a side of themselves that is best reserved for adults only. In fact, sometimes it explores territory that even adults don’t want to toy around with.



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Bob’s Burgers is hardly the first show to craft a love triangle among it’s characters, even though that’s not technically what’s happening here. Gayle makes no secret of her affinity towards Bob, even though he’s married to her sister, and she tends to go out of her way to remind him that she’s available for his pleasure, if ever the need crosses his mind. On one hand, it can be innocent enough. Gayle is crazy, so what does it matter if she’s crushing on Bob. She’s crushing on everyone. Still, when she’s not only ready to dive into an affair in one episode (Bob was on drugs and didn’t know better), and then wants him to stare at her naked body… it’s crossing a threshold. It’s going places we’d rather not follow.


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It’s odd to think that the question, “What would Bob’s Burgers be without butts?” is a valid question. Seriously, butts pretty much permeate the show, and we, as the audience, have to come to accept this. But, let’s be honest with ourselves – whether it’s a casual mention or an extreme closeup on a pair of cheeks, this show sometimes makes things a little weird with its focus on butts. Especially the butts of children. Now, yes, they’re animated, and it’s all done for laughs, but still… that doesn’t make it any less awkward. We laugh, and then we move on, but let’s at least take a moment to agree that the kid butt obsession on Bob’s Burgers is awkward and super No bueno, Bob’s Burgers.


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Now, this technically isn’t actually happening on Bob’s Burgers, but it’s the Belcher family, so it counts. In a single scene, we witness murder and bloodshed, and though it’s not necessarily done for laughs, the shock may leave some viewers awkwardly laughing because they don’t know what else they should do. The “inappropriateness” here is violence, not sex (which tends to be less okay with most people, for some reason), and it is really some no-holds-barred nastiness. Now, let’s hold hands and pray for animators everywhere, hoping that they get a better handle on what the general audiences considers to be “appropriate,” – but in the meantime, you can thank Archer for spreading the Bob’s Burgers love, just as God intended.

Also, what’s really bad here is the level of anxiety this scene caused, what with the bloody mess getting everywhere. Who’s going to clean that up?!


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I’m not going to lie, most of the inappropriateness in Bob’s Burgers comes from Tina Belcher. She’s the epitome of hormonal, and most of the things she does or says (or thinks) is usually grounds for super-creepy awkwardness. Still, over the course of the show, she’s tried to find herself, and it’s earlier on in the series, especially, that Tina delves into some personal fantasies that are really almost too much to feel comfortable sitting through. She wants to be “in love with 25 people at once.” Is no one else feeling really uncomfortable at the sound of that? This is a child, people. Yes, it’s an animated child, but the issue still remains—this kind of talk is making the souls of audiences everywhere wince.


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Bob’s Burgers by no means tries hiding the explicitness of characters like Marshmallow. She enters the scene, she owns the scenes, she leaves the scene. That’s pretty much how it always goes down. Now, the world shouldn’t always get so freaked out over people being sexual, but we get it… kids need to learn a bit more before information bombs start dropping on them left and right. So, yes, we love Marshmallow, but dammit if she doesn’t lay it all out there (in more ways than one) when it comes to talking about her sex life. We appreciate the fact that she uses euphemisms, but still, please, we are respectable people, thank you very much! Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

Honestly, just ignore us. You be you, Marshmallow.


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Bob really hits a wicked low in the episode “Burger Bob.” Ironically, though, he does so while incredibly high. Still, that’s not what makes this not okay. What’s questionable here is the fact that he’s high while hanging out with a bunch of kids at an arcade. He’s popping pills like a pill-popping pro, and he even goes so far as to try beating some kids up while under the influence. Now, we feel for Bob in this episode, but good lord, get a grip, Belcher. We hate Jimmy Pesto as much as the next guy, but mixing drugs and child abuse into a single episode is kind of pushing it. Thankfully, he’s been clean (for the most part) since this episode, but we’re still shaking our heads at our favorite burger connoisseur.


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If someone on Bob’s Burgers is going to get sexual, it’s going to either be Tommy the Health Inspector or Gretchen. So, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that at least one of them would show up on this list. When Gretchen is chatting it up with Sergeant Bosco, she by no means does her best to come across as an upstanding citizen. In short, she’s just completely herself. Bob’s Burgers is not afraid of being crass, but this is the writers at their most descriptive. Really, though, what else should we expect from Gretchen. This is merely the writers staying true to her character and writing honestly. And sometimes “honesty” can involve an older woman being way too descriptive about her arousal in public.


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By all means, love what you want to love. If watching someone sit on balloons until they pop does the trick for you, then go for it. This exact topic is covered in Bob’s Burgers, by Linda’s parents, no less. We find out that group sex is part of the driving spirit in their community, and the only way they can continue living in their home is if they maintain an active sexual lifestyle within the community. Combined with the sexual fetishes, the show is clearly happy to explore the healthy sex lives of elders, but that’s not to say it wouldn’t be deemed “inappropriate AF.” We learn a lot in this episode, and even though we (like Bob and Linda) would have been just fine had we been spared the specifics, we’re happy that they’re happy.


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Tina Belcher is one of the last true romantics in the world. It just so happens that her idea of being romantic tends to include things not typically considered appropriate for her girls her age. Audiences are mostly conditioned to the kind of sexualized behavior she’s taken to over the course of the series, but when she straight up asked for a penis fly trap (not a real thing, actually, but we have an idea of how it works), the show just wasn’t giving any f*cks. The writers basically said, “Listen, Tina’s down for catching penises in a plant, and that’s all there is to be said about that.” Tina’s never shied away from her sexual pursuits in the past, but for a wee child, this may be going a bit overboard, people.


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Bob isn’t wild about listening to his kids (Gene, especially) talk about sex. So, when Gene tries explaining to him that singer Tabitha Johansson isn’t actually singing about oil spills (which is the actual name of the song), but her vagina, Bob isn’t happy. That is, until he starts listening to the song and realizes that it actually is about her vagina. On one hand, the Bob’s Burgers writers are commenting on the fact that this is the kind of laughable BS that singers who claim to care about anything other than personal exposure pull. Here, the show did not pull punches. They just put it all out there—not unlike Ms. Johansson. Still, we can’t get the song out of our head, so… maybe she knows what she’s doing after all.


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The Belcher children are pioneers in their own right. They exemplify everything that older generations are afraid younger generations are missing out on: old-fashioned outdoor activities. Especially with the youngest, Louise, At the helm, they’ve usually got their schedules pretty full. Yes, even when there are drugs involved. Now, the kids aren’t aware of what they’ve gotten themselves into necessarily, but it’s safe to say that kids selling weed in an animated series is touching on a subject that we likely didn’t see coming. Now, by some people’s standards, this may not seem bad at all, but we’re giving this to other audience members who are still holding onto simpler times, when kids could actually make some dough selling blueberries (and only blueberries). *sighs and looks yonder*


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Bob Belcher, if you want to strip down to your birthday suit and stretch among other naked folk – then you strip down to your birthday suit and stretch among other naked folk. But don’t worry, that’s  not what we’re focusing on here. The focus is actually on Gretchen (not pictured, for reasons you’ll discover in just a moment), who doesn’t just strip down without a care in the world, but proudly shows off her skills in pubic hair design. To be fair, this is playing into the fact that Gretchen’s a hair stylist to begin with, but this show is daring to test our threshold for what sort of mental nudity we’re willing to stomach. This was Bob’s Burgers just not giving a f*ck.


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Sometimes, Bob’s Burgers just isn’t subtle. Sometimes, they beat around the bush, and the humor is all the better for it, but sometimes that isn’t the case, and they just go for all-out blatancy. In “Art Crawl,” the Belcher’s (and let’s be honest, all of us watching as well) accept the natural beauty that is the anus. Whether it’s a lion anus, a cat anus, or a camel anus, this episode does its best to get people over their fear of A) looking at anuses, and B) saying the word “anus.” Now, there’s nothing wrong with a butthole, but that also doesn’t mean that this episode isn’t completely guiltless when it comes to being a tad crude. But still, we love it all the same.

Come on. Be honest. After this episode, you were rocking some hardcore anus pride, eh? Eh? Okay, forget it.


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Oh, what’d do you know… Tina’s back. This girl knows what she loves and is proud of what she loves, but that’s hardly reason enough to consider her behavior to be “okay.” Even though it’s just mental behavior. Sorry, but zombies not only be fawned over, but exiting in an imaginary situation where zombie sex is about to go down is brutal. Bob’s Burgers gets super inappropriate here, and it does so with way too much pride, given the subject. Tina Belcher likes the idea of zombies having sex, and even makes it perfectly clear that she wants to be part of zombie love parade. Nothing about this feels okay or even is okay, and even though we still love Bob’s Burgers, this is just… this is so wrong.


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If Bob’s Burgers is good at anything, it’s crafting a perfect holiday special. Especially when it comes to Christmas, the show knows exactly how to trigger that part of your heart that gets all warm and toasty when the holidays come around. Still, don’t ever expect the show to leave out something like a human-mannequin sex subplot—because they won’t. In “Bob Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins,” the Christmas spirit is as fresh as a well-watered pine tree, but it’s also just as much about trying to help one man and one disfigured mannequin find true love.

Is it an inappropriate subject? Yeah. Especially given the holiday? Yeah. Would we ever try to change it? Hell-to-the-no. We like our Bob’s Burgers just as awkward and vulgar as however it ever wants to be.


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