17 Tips, Tricks And Lifehacks To Make Your Life Easier –

17 Tips, Tricks And Lifehacks To Make Your Life Easier –


1. Fruits in a vase will stay fresh for a longer time if you put a lemon next to them.

2. Onions and potatoes don’t like the light, so put these vegetables in folders and keep them in the kitchen wardrobe.

3. Sort your medicine so that it’s easier to find it when you need it. Group it by cold medication, gastrointestinal tract pills, painkillers, and so on. Put these groups into different containers and don’t forget to put a separate box or a drawer for a first aid kit.

4. Several hangers will help you create a great place for your bras.

5. A window scraper will help you remove the fur from your carpet.

6. CD cases are great places for keeping different cables.

7. Use trash bags for transporting clothes. They will make things much easier.

8. If you can’t find a hole in a tire, put some air into it, take it off and put some foam on it. You will see bubbles on the punctured spot.

9. Boxes with things are much easier to carry if you make holes for your hands in them.

10. In the summertime, glasses often get left around all over the place and there is a risk of dropping them, scratching them, or even breaking them. But this is almost impossible if you organize the storage in this unusual way.

11. If you have drawers that are very noisy, try putting a little bit of hot glue on the top of the internal side of the drawer.

12. A photo frame and beautiful paper for the background is all you need for your To Do List.

13. You can make your own goal post out of PVC pipes and a net.

14. You can clean an old iron frying pan with the help of salt, oil, and potatoes.

15. Use an inflatable pool to create a safe place for a baby to play.

16. To stop potatoes from sprouting, put an apple into the sack.

17. If you cut an apple, it will go yellow because of the iron in the apple which creates a chemical reaction with oxygen. Use a rubber band to keep them together and take them anywhere you want. In this case, the oxygen won’t react with the iron.

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