17 Tumblr Posts That Are Funny But Will Also Teach You Something

You know what they say, you learn something new every day. And I know what you’re thinking; “But I usually spend all day scrolling through Tumblr and stuff, there’s no way I’m actually learning anything you freaking IDIOT!”

Well first of all, calm down. And second of all, you’re wrong! Even when you’re wasting your life away scrolling through memes you can accidentally learn some cool facts about the world you live in. Want proof? Check out these surprisingly educational Tumblr posts!

1. Cough syrup used to be savage AF.

2. Old people have always hated new technology. Even paper.

3. There’s a fetish where you can just get a bunch of money for free.

4. Ostriches are into humans.

5. Russian cursive is a total disaster, folks.

6. The word “panic” has its origins in the funniest god ever.

7. There’s lots of murders everywhere apparently?

8. The word “nimrod” has been misunderstood.

9. Florida has laws that are great for comedy.

10. The founding fathers had “wrong attachment” problems.

11. The Trojan horse was not what you thought.

12. Caterpillars live a weird life.

13. There’s a word for blending idioms.

14. This once happened in Ireland…

15. Owls have long legs.

16. Santa has a pilots license.

17. There are good doggies in the afterlife.

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