The whole purpose of an invention is to solve a problem that people have, and while these inventions may do that, some of them are so absolutely insane, we’re wondering if anyone outside of Japan has ever used them.

1. A book shaped pillow

2. A chopstick fan

3. Sound amplifiers

4. A tie that doubles as an umbrella (or the other way around)

5. A pillow that catches the sound and amplifies it

6. Eye drop funnels

7. A completely rainproof Umbrella

8. “Battlescratch” Shirt

9. The Butter Grater

10. Cupman that tells you when your noodles are done

11. Silent Karaoke…for some reason

12. A banana holder

13. 360 degree camera

14. A device so you can see in your ear as you clean them

15. Umbrellas for your shoes

16. Square watermelons

17. Bubble wrap keychain


17 Wacky Inventions Prove Japan Is On A Totally Different Wavelength


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