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17-Year-Old Girl Freaks Out, Puts Eleven People In The Hospital Trying To Kill A Spider

Teenage girls (and teenage boys) are not exactly synonymous with ‘rationality’. That said, you’d expect an adult to display some rationality when seeing a spider in the car while driving on the highway, which this girl did not. I’m not saying she freaked out and put 11 people in the hospital because she is a teenage girl, but I’m also saying her age and lack of life experience might have contributed to this.


HutchNews reports:

Eleven people were sent to the hospital after a 17-year-old girl allegedly let go of the steering wheel to kill a spider one mile east of Great Bend in Barton County.
At 1:36 p.m., Diana Nicole Bell, 17, of Claflin was driving east on U.S. 56 when she noticed a spider on her lap, let go of the steering wheel and started swatting at the spider, according Kansas Highway Patrol reports.
She crossed the center lane and reportedly struck the vehicle of Felix Perez, 62, of Liberal head on. Perez’s vehicle then bounced off and struck the eastbound vehicle of Charleeann Dailing, 33 of Satanta head on.
The debris from the second collision struck and damaged the vehicle of Dean C. Bell, 53 of Lansing, according to the report.
Patricia Roldan-Perez, 56, David Perez, 15, Edith Rivera-Perez, 3, all of Liberal were in Felix’s vehicle. Jerod William Dailing, 36 of Nickerson, Ethan Witthuhn, 9, of Hutchinson, Julieann Dailing, 3, Hutchinson, Tahjay Harrison, 5, also of Hutchinson, and Amy Cole, 7, of Hutchinson were in Charleeann’s vehicle.


Spiders suck when they’re in close proximity to you, this is true. But most spiders have zero interest in hurting you, and there’s probably not a spider in the world that’d take down eleven human beings even when it was on a murderous rampage. This girl just lost it, took her hands off the wheel, and brought down 4 cars and 11 people with her.

I think we all know the only appropriate course of action now: BAN ALL SPIDERS. It’s the only way to keep the roads safe.


17-Year-Old Girl Freaks Out, Puts Eleven People In The Hospital Trying To Kill A Spider

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So is this the new excuse for attempted vehicular manslaughter while texting?

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