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18 Beautiful Women Who Said “Today, I Wanna Dress Like A Pokemon”

 18 Beautiful Women Who Said “Today, I Wanna Dress Like A Pokemon”

1. Cubone by KinpatsuCosplay


2. Venusaur by lordcreepypeepee

photo credit: David Ngo


3. Oshawott by JayceeCosplay


4. Lugia by Hailey S Cosplay

photo credit: Mineralblu Photography


5. Beedrill by Vera Baby

photo credit: David Ngo


6. Plusle and Minun

photo credit: Doug’s Photography


7. Slowking by Jessica Nigri

photo credit Adam Patrick Murray


8. Zubat by LeeAnna Vamp

photo credit: JwaiDesignPhotography

9. Leafeon by MiuMoonlight

photo credit: cuerography


10. Staryu by LemonbellCos

11.  Charmander

 photo credit: Garivel


12. Omastar by Termina Cosplay

photo by Chris Bombardo Visuals


13. Unbreon and Espeon by SirenSongCosplay and _kendelb


14. Meowth by Danielle Bealieu

15. Xerneas by 775cosplay

photo by Manny Llanura


16. Articuno by Midge Scully

photo credit: cyberheaddesigns


17. Slowpoke and Psyduck by HJ Steele and ariel8619


18. Charizard by Aeriën

via pixelixarte

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