18 Embarrassing Confessions From People Who Lost Their Virginity Knowing Nothing About Sex

Nobody really sits you down and tells you how your “first time” is going to go. Not your parents, not your high school health class, and when they’re just as young as you, you certainly can’t rely on your friends.

So here’s one piece of sage wisdom from 18 embarrassed people who learned the basics when they first lost their V-card. At least they know now.


1. Don’t need to, amayonazing, nor should you.

You do not need to completely unravel a condom before you apply it to your penis.

2. Aint no thing, Supersighs.

It’s not as big of a deal as I thought it was. I’m a guy and I lost my virginity at 23. I didn’t tell my partner at the time that I was, but when she found out she fist pumped and said, “Yes! I took a guys virginity!”


3. It’s cool to be nervous, historynerd1865.

Vaginas can be really tight, and if you are a little floppy from nerves or whatever, it’s not going to go in.

4. Coogcheese has their finger on the button.

There’s this thing…its called the clitoris…and its kind of a big deal.


5. The heat is on, b8le.

I guess not that I wish I knew but was so surprised by how warm it was, 100% caught me off guard not sure what I was thinking it’d be like

6. JoshuaTheFool is actually still doing foreplay from his first time.

There is NEVER enough foreplay.


7. User forman98 still has a thing for exposed belly buttons.

It’s lower than you think.

No, even lower.

8. You’d think decades of PSAs would’ve hammered this home, but take this advice from throw-away_catch.

If you don’t have a condom and she says “it’s okay I take the pill” do NOT proceed. Seriously. It’s not only about getting her pregnant and producing a money destroying hell demon, but also STDs and stuff


9. This bit from idennek is true for both sex and engine repair.

The importance of lubrication.

10. It’s a mystery how there hasn’t been a teen sex comedy romp with the name of SpehlingAirer‘s slang.

How messy it can be! The “cuddle puddle” is real, my friends.


11. Hoops_Hops is just here to brag.

My wife and I were both virgins when we got married, I wish I knew on our wedding night that we shouldn’t do it 6 times in 8 hours…. We were both sore for days and only did it like 2 more times during the rest of our honeymoon.

12. Ah yes, frankenboobehs, the most common STD… is love.

You might feel a super instant attachment to that person, but they might not feel the same way about you.


13. This is why playlists and/or D’Angelo was invented, lizzardx.

Take your ipod off repeat one!!! Dust in the wind by kansas is a TERRIBLE song to lose your virginity to!!!

14. Yeah, HelterSkelter03, but it’s the American way to take charge and pretend to be an expert.

It’s perfectly ok to tell the girl you’re a virgin, DO NOT act like you know wtf you’re doing when you don’t and she does.


15. That’s your cue to get it done, michaelnpdx.

Don’t feel like you have to last forever.

After she had an orgasm she was done, said it was too sensitive to keep going. Didn’t offer me any assistance with my stuff, so she was sitting in the truck listening to music while I was standing outside whackin’ it in the moonlight next to a cow pasture.

16. What about really sad and horrible movies, BlondGingerViking?

It’s never like in the movies. I’ve never seen a realistic sex scene in a movie. For one, unless you put serious effort into orgasming at the same time, it’s never going to happen. Also, you never see them clean up or pee afterwards. Always pee afterwards, it’ll prevent urinary tract / bladder infections.


17. Then what’s even the point, Tjuanthousand?

No, losing your virginity will not instantly improve your charisma and make more girls like you.

18. User loki8481 says it’s no big deal?


sex is a fun, but not exactly life-changing or transcendent experience… there’s no reason to have so many hangups about it.

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