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18 Extremely Unnecessary Warning Labels

18 Extremely Unnecessary Warning Labels

There’s something incredibly noble about warning labels. They selflessly tell of of the dangers that lurk one mistake away. And they are hated for their service to us. We’re all “Don’t tell me what to do sign!” as we climb electric fences, open airplane emergency exits, or step onto carefully manicured grass. But rest assured, if you see a warning sign, it’s because someone didn’t see the perils around them, so even these labels, which seem extremely unnecessary, might be, well, very necessary someday (but probably not). Here are the warning labels that don’t need to exist!

warning-label-balcony warning-label-cancer warning-label-card warning-label-crotch warning-label-dayornight warning-label-diving warning-label-dryers warning-label-dying warning-label-eyes warning-label-hanger warning-label-horse warning-label-iron warning-label-jeans warning-label-peanuts warning-label-swimming warning-label-trash warning-label-up warning-label-water


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