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18 Instances Of Over-The-Top Yet Awesome Manliness

18 Instances Of Over-The-Top Yet Awesome Manliness


How ’bout a slightly different take on manliness? A slightly more ridiculous take on manliness. A kind of manliness that won’t collectively “trigger” the internet because I stereotyped an idea of a man. Let’s take it down a notch and have some fun here.

This is an article proving it takes all kinds of kinds to make the world go ’round, but the best kinds of kinds are the utterly hilarious and downright ridiculous.

1. Ladies…we’re only at #1, are you aroused yet?


via Imgur / MonsignorMartinez

2. Throw pillows: they, too, can be manly.


via Imgur / KevinPittman

3. Wife: “Honey, for God’s sake, just bring the groceries in in two trips.”

Husband: “Nah, I got this…”


via Imgur / TheWoundedKing

4. Apparently, Chattanooga erected a statue of this man. He deserves it.


via Imgur / drewbizzle

5. Then you gotta bend in different directions to aim it right.


via Imgur / EmperorSeppe

6. Men, like dogs, must mark everywhere they’ve been.

Fortunately for health and safety committees, we’ve evolved beyond pissing on things…except when drunk.


via Imgur / jaekido

7. Dad: “Do you wanna play some football? No? How ’bout fix the car? Still No? Sit down for a cuppa tea then?”

Kid: “I’ll put the imaginary kettle on.”


via reddit / I_AM_NO_MAN

8. Nothing says “manly” quite like having your face peeled off an asphalt road like food stuck to a baking pan.


via reddit / kok163

9. He ain’t wrong.


via Imgur / slurriesndurries

10. Forget the Saved by the Bell dudes, check out the dude in the picture frame.

It’s overly manly man!


via reddit / zackboomer

11. “Get your own damn food, bear.”

Who smacks a bear? Seriously. Damn.


via reddit / redditMEred

12. Things that make men say “awww!” #313: Mini machine guns.



via reddit / HolyMoholyNagy

16. Last, but certainly not least, the most manly breakfast made to look like the world’s most manly man: Ron Swanson


via reddit / Neshaey

17. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


via FunnyJunk

18. Competitive hot dog eating. Of course it’s on the list.

6 replies on “18 Instances Of Over-The-Top Yet Awesome Manliness”

Competitive hot dog eating. Because American men love weiners.

Lol he was almost funny. I only worship Jerome Horwitz and Al Bundy.

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