Everybody lies. And sometimes, as kids, we fall for the biggest pieces of BS our family and friends can come up with. It’s one thing to fall for a sophisticated lie like these ones. It’s another to just believe the most basic horse shit people could come up with.

“My favorite is when I found a really huge and beautifully shaped icicle. I broke it off and showed my dad and he told me to put it by the fire to preserve it. I was 3.” – u/SometimesTheresSun


“In 1st grade I was super shy and had maybe 1 friend. A random kid in class said I could have his Swiss roll. I was super excited of course and ate it. Then another kid comes in and is searching for his Swiss roll and 1st boy tells him I ate it.

Still get embarrassed and upset about this and it’s been a billion years. Fucking kid.”– u/j_ag1739




“When I was ~5 and my family was driving somewhere, my older sister convinced me that you could tell someone had died because their hands would be cold.

Cut to my sister patiently waiting for 10 minutes with a can of ice cold soda in her hands, then to her pretending to die in the backseat with me next to her, then to me feeling her hands, then to me freaking out hysterically.” – u/MayneMan08




“I used to believe everything my dad told me until I was about 8 or 9.

We lived in a few really sketchy areas before my parents bought our first house. My dad was telling me stories about crazy stuff that happened in our old neighborhoods and he snuck in a story about a serial killer who used to break into houses and pour dry breakfast cereal down people’s throats while they slept. I believed it for years until one day I was thinking about it and … cereal killer. I immediately called him and yelled at him. He laughed so hard he cried.” – u/Sammichface


“When I was five, a kid told me he knew the Power Rangers and he’d ask them to swing by my house later that day and say hi. I sat on the curb for over an hour. I asked the kid if he was lying the next day and he told me they were just busy.

I still believed him.” – u/gankylosaurus




“This cheat code makes lara naked.

Turns out it makes her explode.” – u/cstrife16


“That my mom wouldn’t get mad if I told her the truth.” – u/Galpticose




“I didn’t realize The Blair Witch story was completely made up until just a couple years ago. I knew the first movie was fake but I thought the backstory was an actual thing.” – u/InRustWeTrust




“I’ve been penting this one up for years.

-grade 4 -played Super Smash Bros GameCube.
-grinded so hard for all the characters -worked SO hard to get Mewtwo -literally never put that much effort in anything else in my life -told my friend in class about it the next day and he was like yeah I have that too and (insert some crazy character I didn’t even know was in the game) -told me to come to his house the next day with the memory card and he would copy and transfer his data to mine.

-go home -plug in memory card -mother fucker must have copied my file and just deleted all my progress, I’m back to new game. -that character didn’t even exist in the game.

His excuse. “Oh whoops it didn’t work”.” – u/FloydMaywether




“I used to love that movie air buddies and there was a special feature where “”the dogs talked about what it was like to act for the movie.”” I thought this meant they really could talk, because they were being interviewed like real actors. Not necessarily a lie, but hey.” – u/saproo


“My parents told us that the ice cream truck was just the music man, who drives through the neighborhoods playing music. I don’t know when I finally figured it out.” – u/neuro_squid




“When I was 9 my neighbor convinced me she was a twin and would run inside the house to change clothes and come back out as the twin.” – u/PearPearBear




“That raw marshmallows give you worms.

My dad was sick of me and my brother not cooking the marshmallows over the fire during our camping trip, so he told us that tale. I somewhat believed it, but my brother fell for it completely and told kids at school.

Cue a dinner conversation later where my brother learned the truth after being mercilessly teased at school, which resulted in my mom glaring at my dad and my dad going “well I didn’t think he’d actually believe me!!!” Hilarious times.” – u/applekins20




“When i was 4 or 5 i woke up and went to the kitchen for breakfast. My dad greeted me and told me to go into the bathroom and smell the rose he left for my mom. I skipped over to the bathroom thinking what a great dad he was and so nice to get my mom a flower for no reason. I opened the door and gave a deep deep whiff, only to smell the remnants of his morning dump. It was awful.” – u/Labrador_Retriever


“My grandma and I used to always play a version of punch bug where if you saw one driving, shout the color and you win. She told me that she had a calendar for the color of the day and every single time I shouted a color she would tell me it didnt count because it wasnt the color of the day. It was a rude awakening when I discovered no such calendar existed.” – u/imaed_dis




“When I was 4-5 I wanted lobster at a sea food place. My parents convinced me that shrimp are tiny lobsters. Innovative and cheap solution to a stubborn pain in the ass of a child.” – u/Keegan2



“Until 9’th grade i used to believe that one testicle gave you boys and the other one gave you girls, the fucker that told me about this went as far as creating a new surgery where one would pop a ball to get the other gender, when i asked him why i never heard of it he told me the nobody wants to pop his balls.

Flawless logic.” – u/A-alalsheikh




“When I was a kid, my cousins and I were swimming in a local lake and found some money (I think it was a 20) at the bottom. For some reason, when we went to the movie theater later that day I told the ticket taker about it. He exclaimed, “Oh, I lost money at that lake!” I didn’t name the lake and it was definitely not his, but I completely believed him.” – u/stupid_sexy-flanders




“My dog went to live at my Grandpa’s farm.” – u/duschin

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