The Average Faces Of The Executive Leadership For The 50 Biggest Companies In The US

A Man Wanted On Child Sex Assault Charges Disappeared 3 Years Ago. Police Found Him In A Solar-Powered Bunker (article)

Last year, a Wisconsin hunter discovered an unusual door peeking out from behind some thick underbrush off a dirt trail. After thinking about it for months, he decided to go back last week and see what it was all about.

Hours later, authorities arrested a fugitive wanted on multiple charges of incest, child sexual assault, and child pornography who they said had been living for nearly four years in a solar-powered bunker that he’d built.

Worst job in the world?

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour – “Flush To Finish”

INSANE artwork by Odieth

Kobe Bryant reveals diabolical strategy he used to tear NBA teams apart

There would be certain teams that had a player that they just signed to a max contract. And then a supporting player who was up for free agency who they hadn’t signed yet. So when we played them during the season, I’m saying, OK, here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to double-team the guy that hasn’t gotten a max contract yet. We’re not gonna let him get a shot off. And then we’re going to single-cover the guy that has the max contract, and then watch the guy that doesn’t have the max contract bitch and complain about not getting the ball all night long, and watch them divide each other. Those are the little, subtle things we would do that simply comes from observation and understanding your opponent.

Here’s what a game of basketball looked like in 1939

The new Bugatti Centodieci is limited to a quantity of 10, with a price tag of $9 million


How bad were Sixth Army’s rations at Stalingrad? The answer is – very bad.

This is a very depressing YouTube channel Hiding in my room

A doctor made a “special prescription” for an illiterate patient

In Norway trash cans has these holders around them so people who want to recycle for money don’t have to search through the trash to collect them

The biggest employer in each state of the USA

Women disguised as men sneak into Iranian football match

Although there’s no official ban on women going to sporting events in Iran, it is rare for them to attend as they are often refused entry. Prior to the Islamic revolution of 1979, women were allowed to attend sporting events.

Food For Thought

Surgery practice on an egg

Russian State TV Photoshops an Smile on Kim Jong Un’s Face

What really happened when Portugal decriminalized (not legalize) all illegal drugs in July 2001

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