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18 Movies Being Adapted For TV – But Can They Make It On TV?

18 Movies Being Adapted For TV – But Can They Make It On TV? –

Not that I’ve ever done it, but I can imagine trying to pitch an original TV pilot has got to be the hardest thing in the world. You need a compelling premise, cool characters, a complex story that can be wrapped up in 13-22 episodes, but also have enough of an overarching theme that you can make a series out of it. You do all that work, just to watch a network say “Pass.”Then, you’re got a guy that says, “Let’s make ‘X Movie’ into a TV show” and, he gets to watch his money roll in. Why? Because, networks don’t like risks, and a movie already has a fan base built in. Extend that idea to network or streaming television and you’re sitting on a low-risk gold mine. Now, some of the movie-to-tv adaptions out there sound like they’re bound to fail, but there are others that might just go the distance.I’d be down to committing to wearing a deep groove in my couch over these TV adaptations.

Paramount Pictures

What We Do in the Shadows

This hilarious vampire mockumentary was easily one of the best in 2014. Directed by Taika Waititi, it was a comedic glimpse into the lives of vampires in Wellington, NZ.This FX show will look at a different crew of vamps in NYC, who’ve been roommates for thousands of years. The original producers and director are onboard in a production capacity, so it ought to be just as fucking hilarious.



No matter what anyone says, I have a lot of faith in Damon Lindelof. He was responsible for both Lost & The Leftovers, and based on his open letter to fans, he’s got the right idea.The HBO show will be an original story in the Watchmen universe, and thus far, it’s under some heavy secrecy. Given the potential of the source material and the calibre of talent attached to the show, it’s gonna blow some minds.

Universal Pictures


The universe of the Jason Bourne franchise is so rich, so it’s no surprise that they’re gonna dive into it. USA Network has put a straight-to-series order for this spin-off that will cover Operation Treadstone’s origins and secret missions around the world.No clue yet if it’ll tie in directly to the films, or if Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner are gonna show, but even if they’re lightly mentioned and we get some new assassins, I’d be cool with that.

Warner Bros.

The Lost Boys

This show’s been in the hopper at the CW since 2016, and it’s finally happening. It’s got a strong pedigree of people producing and is also looking to switch around some of the characters and genders to keep things new and fresh. For examples, the show is gonna feature the Frog siblings as sisters, rather than brothers.

20th Century Fox

The Sandlot

An unnamed streaming service has ordered 2 seasons of a TV reboot of the film, but with the same actors as adults.The plan is to reunite the kids as 33-year-olds in 1984, who all have kids as their own, and have to come together as a team of misfits again.I don’t care what it’s about, as long as they bring back Wendy Peffercorn. God, she was smokin’.

Universal Pictures

The Bone Collector

NBC has ordered an update on this film that starred Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie. Based on a series of twisted books, the film didn’t do the novel justice, but with the freedom of a tv series, they can really build up the suspense and mystery that the story deserves. Plus, there’s enough material for plenty of fantastic seasons.




There’ve been rumours of this show for some time, and now it’s finally official. Brought to you by the original writer/director Don Mancini as well as his creative team, this show will scare the crap out of you on Syfy.

Radius – TWC


This film was a complete dark horse at the box office, but it’s fucking amazing.This show will live on TNT and will be a loose reboot of the film continuity. It’ll take place 7-years after the world freezes, and has a pilot directed by Scott Derrickson of Doctor Strange fame.


The Continental

Starz has commissioned a series about the secret assassin world of the Continental Hotel. While Ian McShane won’t be returning in a full time capacity as Winston (but he didn’t rule out a cameo), we’ll get to learn more about the underground world that John Wick used to live in.Plus with all the backend guys from the films lending their skills to the show, it’s going to be a bloody and fantastic spinoff.

Columbia Pictures


It seems like a lot of the best work from Bill Murray and Ivan Reitman is getting a reboot lately, and Stripes is next on that list.Ivan Reitman will be overseeing this comedy show about a perennial rebellious outsider, who finally finds his purpose in the U.S. Military, amongst a group of misfits.I’m in.

New Line Cinema

The Lord of the Rings

This one is a smart move by Amazon. No one can recreate or compete with the two epic trilogies by Peter Jackson. This Amazon series is still kind of secret, but it’ll explore the worlds of Middle Earth and the works of Tolkien in a way that compliments the films we already have.

20th Century Fox

True Lies

This one is in the early stages, but it sounds too good to pass up. Involving McG and Marc Guggenheim (Arrow), it’ll update the story of a spy who tires to keep his undercover work on the down-low from his bored housewife partner.At some point, though, she finds out about this secret world and becomes an unwitting and unwilling accomplice to some spy shenanigans.

Warner Bros.

The Departed

Amazon is developing a TV version of this movie, but placing it deep in Chicago, and swapping out the Irish Mob for a latino gang of drug runners.

20th Century Fox

From Hell

This Johnny Depp film, based on a graphic novel from Alan Moore, was ok. It was decent, but it could have been so much darker and twisted.Thankfully, FX is in talks to turn the graphic novel into a longer form period TV series.

Paramount Pictures

The Warriors

A TV adaptation of this is on the docket, courtesy of the Russo Bros. Living on Hulu, it’s going to honour the spirit of the original film, but also add it’s own brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence to the story.Waaariors…come out to plaaay!

Warner Bros.

Friday the 13th

There’s no way to keep this franchise down. There’ve been endless sequels, prequels and reboots, and now a TV show. By the looks of it, it’ll live on the CW and be a more grounded approach to the story of Jason Voorhees, much like MTV’s Scream adaptation. The first season will supposedly feature a detective searching for his lost brother, just as Jason returns back from the dead.

Paramount Pictures

Shutter Island – Ashecliffe

This Scorsese film is so dark and twisty; I love it. According to the reports, HBO is getting a prequel series that will document the early days of the hospital and its founders, as well as the deep secrets it holds. It’ll be written by the original novel’s author Dennis Lehane, with Scorsese returning to direct some episodes.

20th Century Fox


If you’ve got a lust for a Zoltar machine and giant pianos, this is your nostalgic jam. This movie is coming to Fox as a half an hour comedy, with an updated premise of a kid in a grown up’s body. It won’t be a full series, but an event series, but the potential of it sounds amazing.


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