18 Movies Scenes That Are Almost Too Embarrassing To Watch –

Some movie scenes are made to be awkward as hell to get reactions from audiences. I’ll always laugh at the scene in ‘There’s Something About Mary’ when Cameron Diaz uses the WRONG liquid as hair gel. But some scenes are just so incredibly embarrassing and awkward that it makes you want to look away. These are those movie moments that really embrace the cringe.

Superbad:Evan is trying to talk to his crush Becca and accidentally punches her in the boob.

Fast Times At Ridgemont High:Brad is rubbing one out while thinking about his sister’s hot friend Linda, who then walks in on him.

The Shining:Wendy suddenly discovers a business man getting a blowjob from a guy in a bear suit.

Spider-Man 3:Peter Parker trying to be a badass in front of all the ladies as he struts down the street.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin:Andy tries to act like he knows about sex during a guys poker game and fails miserably.

Wedding Crashers:When Jeremy gets an under-the-table hand job from the crazy chick Gloria at her parent’s house.

Knocked Up:When the camera cuts to the baby crowning.

Mean Girls:When the teacher (Tina Fey) introduces the wrong student she thinks is from Africa.

Young Adult:Mavis goes to Beth and Buddy’s party and has the worst drunken meltdown in front of all the guests. She then finds out Buddy didn’t even want to invite her.

Grease:When Rizzo throws her milkshake at Kenickie and yells, ‘To you from me, Pinky Lee!’

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:Hermione cries into Ron’s chest and Harry awkwardly third wheels the hug.

50 Shades of Grey:When Christian says ‘I’m 50 shades of fucked up.’

I Love You, Man:Peter is making drinks for the girls and hears them talking about how he has no friends.

Bridesmaids:The incredibly awkward war of the bridesmaid toasts at the engagement party.

Little Miss Sunshine:Olive does an incredibly sexual dance to ‘Super Freak’ and makes even audiences feel like they can’t watch the little girl dancing.

Ghostbusters:Ray ‘dreams’ of a beautiful ghost woman who goes down on him. Basically, it’s ghost blowjob scene with a horrifying orgasm face to wrap it up.

Carrie:Carrie gets her first period in the gym shower and think she’s dying because her religious mother never taught her about the birds and the bees.

Kingsman: The Secret Service-The end of the movie involves Princess of Sweden having anal sex with Eggsy in exchange for him saving the world.

We’re just scratching the surface here, what are some of your most cringeworthy movie scenes to endure?