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18 Odd Treasures Found By Accident

18 Odd Treasures Found By Accident –


1. This is a creepy find, indeed. It even came with a note that says, “Save yourself!”

2. A giant Monopoly game under an old carpet

3. Just in case you were wondering how your glasses manage to vanish all the time…

4. A screwdriver inside of a screwdriver!

5. Imagine the look on this mom’s face when she saw her kid’s school stationary box.

6. The pizza guys forgot to remove the pan from underneath the pizza.

7. Someone stumbled upon this strange sculpture in the middle of the forest.

8. Pool balls found inside of a bocce ball

9. This was found by someone at Coney Island.

10. A smaller grape inside of a bigger one!

11. The maker of this camera case was smart. They enforced its interior with old toothpaste boxes.

12. A can in a can in a can… pretty rare, right?

13. Is this a new culinary trend?

14. Someone found a happy carrot! We hope they saved some for further harvesting.

15. When this guy saw a planter growing in the backseat of his car, he didn’t know if it was exciting or creepy.

16. A live frog inside this salad package!

17. When you’re actually getting paid for maintaining hygiene

18. These chocolates aren’t as real as they look…



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