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18 People Reveal Their Pet Peeves During Intimacy

18 People Reveal Their Pet Peeves During Intimacy

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3 replies on “18 People Reveal Their Pet Peeves During Intimacy”

1 you can keep your socks on
2 you asked me to give you head
3 butthole surprise coming up
4 i’ll wait till yoi’re asleep, just like your daddy
5 dont worry, i dont care
6 can i say your sister’s name instead?
7 look in the mirror
8 all i want to know is your age
9 this is how bukkake was invented
10 said no woman ever
11 but your butt was bleeding
12 i can sing Rawhide
13 you have a thing for bad feet?
14 but you sound like a donkey getting fisted by michael jordan
15 do you want one?
16 you told me to surprise you
17 but they keep sliding off your chest
18 Goooooooooal!

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