18 Pictures That’ll Make You Say, “I Had No Idea Vending Machines Could Do That”



1. This vending machine that sells homemade pecan pies 24/7.

Berdoll Pecan Farm / Via

2. This dope marijuana vending machine.

3. This super helpful school supply vending machine.

4. This book vending machine that’s like a mini library.

5. Or this one that’ll sell you a random book.

6. This one that just sells meat, which is obviously in Germany.

7. This vending machine, which doles out violin strings and woodwind reeds.

8. This one that’ll make you freshly squeezed OJ on demand.

9. And this one that does the same thing, except for pizza.

10. This one that just has lots and lots of mustard.

11. This super French baguette vending machine.

12. This vending machine that’ll hook you up with a sweet new pair of socks.

13. This cupcake ATM, aka a glorified vending machine.

14. This rad sports card vending machine.

15. This one that’s truly b-a-n-a-n-a-s.

16. This awesome Lego vending machine.

17. This vending machine that sells fresh salads.

18. And this not at all outdated floppy disk vending machine.

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