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18 Shocking Historical Cases Of Incest

18 Shocking Historical Cases Of Incest

Incest is a serious taboo across many cultures around the world, but you wouldn’t believe just how much incest there has been throughout history. Cousins marrying cousins, mothers and sons, daughters and fathers, distant relatives of all sorts… incest in history is not as uncommon as one might think.

Even more shocking than the incest itself, are some of the names associated with it. It’s not all just incest to keep power in the family, there are some great intellectuals and scholars on this list as well, and even a US president! Some of the most shocking cases of incest throughout history involve people who you would least expect.

We know of a few of the cases of modern incest, famous people from Hollywood who were either consensual partners in incest or victims of incest, but the picture of historical incest is slightly more muddled, as there was more often than not no official database or record of who married who.

All of the incest on this list is either documented in some form or strongly alleged – and none of it was written by George R.R. Martin, sorry Jamie and Cersei.

Check out the most shocking historical cases of incest below and see how far you make it before cringing.


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In the UK cousin marriages are perfectly legal and theCofE has no objection either.The chances of birth abnormalities increase by a tiny amount – as long as it is an isolated instance. You only get significant problems when it is the norm within a group for several generations, such as a royal dynasty or isolated community.

I have heard that in Iceland if you meet someone and think you might hook up there is an app which tells you how closely related you are (and you will be related). Second or third cousin? Yeah, you’re probably fine.

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