Life can be pretty boring. One could say it’s an everlasting jaunt through a series of mundane experiences punctuated by the occasional freak occurrence. These photos feature moments that are exactly that: freak occurrences. So take a step outside your daily grind and get a load of some truly unique visuals.

Here’s what happens when you get pepper-sprayed while holding a flare.
things you don't see every day, pepper spray flare
In April 2014 during a soccer match in Poland, a fan tried to climb the fence onto the field. The security guard sprayed him, turning him into a blazing inferno. However, the fan only walked away with minor injuries.

Here are 1,550 chairs stacked between two city buildings.
things you don't see every day, 1550 chairs stacked between buildings
In fact, that is what the art piece was called: “1,550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings.” Artist Doris Salcedo constructed it in 2003 during the Istanbul Biennial, and it probably caused a lot of people to scratch their heads.

Here’s an English woman cleaning her pub windows as flood waters rise.
things you don't see every day, english woman cleaning pub windows during flood
In December 2015, blokes out of York in Leeds faced heavy rain fall and a subsequent flood. As it was supposed to be a merry month, a bloody flood couldn’t tame their spirits. Plonkers stayed open for business.

Here are two slugs making whoopee.
things you don't see every day, slugs making whoopee
The Leopard slug finds another Leopard slug and entangles itself with it. They then bust out their huge blue penises (they’re hermaphrodites) and combine forces. They writhe and lick each other while exchanging sperm. Hot.

Here’s a picture of a man “encased” in ice.
things you don't see every day, man encased in ice
On a freezing winter night in 2009, Johnnie Redding died of a cocaine overdose. He was at the bottom of an elevator shaft in an abandoned Detroit building, and it is presumed the water rose and froze after he was long gone.

Here’s a sinkhole that swallowed a Florida man alive.
things you don't see every day, sinkhole swallows florida man
In 2013, Jeffrey Bush was sleeping on his couch when all of a sudden a giant sinkhole ate him. His brother rushed to the scene, but was unable to find him. Neither were the cops. They called off the search for him.

Here’s an urban bird nest.
things you don't see every day, urban bird nest
Interestingly, birds might use cigarette butts to build nests for another reason besides insulation. Ecologists say that the chemicals in cigarettes could deter parasites.

Here’s an Indonesian dude surfing in Java.
things you don't see every day, indonesia surfing in Java
He caught the perfect wave. Save for litter and various debris.

Here’s a trucker destroying a 135-year-old bridge.
things you don't see every day, trucker destroys 135-year-old bridge
It happened in Indiana. A trucker was on her way to a Walmart (seriously) when she misjudged the weight of her own truck. The historic bridge could only stand six tons, and the truck was 22 tons. She was cited for a misdemeanor.

Here’s a brand of bug spray out of Egypt.
things you don't see every day, egyptian bug spray hitler
Suffice it to say that Egypt isn’t too hot on the Jews. This particular brand even advertises in storefronts with catchphrases like “Hitler: Burns Cockroaches” emblazoned on them, so it’s clear anti-Semitism is a popularly accepted norm.

Here are clumps of earthworms perfectly in line after a Texas flood.
things you don't see every day, herds of earthworms texas flood
In May of 2015, floods struck Denison, Texas. Locals were amazed to see patties of earthworms (called “herds”) clutter together directly in the center of the road. Biologists were dumbfounded. A theory suggests they communicate by massing together, probably saying to themselves, “How the hell do we survive this?”

Here’s a Mercedes that crashed through the wall on the 7th story of a parking garage.
things you don't see every day, mercedes crash wall
The 67-year-old driver reversed his car by accident at a Bank of America in Tulsa, OK. Bricks fell from more than 80 feet up, but luckily no one was harmed. The cars below, on the other hand…

Here’s the Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht in South Korea.
things you don't see every day, sun cruise resort & yacht south korea
Want to go on a cruise without the sea sickness, expensive drinks and annoying people? Hit up this resort in Jeongdongjin (just don’t try to pronounce the name). It was built to look like a beached ship.

Here’s a man who was crushed by a rock while having sex with a chicken.
things you don't see every day, man crushed by rock sex with chicken
God must have a sense of humor, or at least, he really likes cocks (of the chicken variety). In 1990, a man from Ourense, Spain, began abusing the bird. His thrusts dislodged a boulder which fell on him. No joke. He was 39.

Here’s a newspaper that featured an ad for women’s bulges.
things you don't see every day, women's bulge newspaper ad
“A bulge in your pants means a bulge in your wallet,” says an advertisement for the Business Bulge, a product that gives women that “extra package” to get the job done. Yes, it’s a fictional product, and thewebsite is aimed at promoting gender equality in the workplace. Still, what the fuck?

Here’s a statue of the Archbishop of Cologne from 1238 to 1261.
things you don't see every day, archbishop of cologne statue
Yes, that is a grotesque sculpture of a young child performing auto-fellatio on himself. The statue of Konrad von Hochstaden adorns the Cologne City Hall. Rumors suggest that a mischievous worker did renovations in the 1950s, adding this nice touch.

Here’s a normal day in Japan.
things you don't see every day, normal day in japan
It’s not uncommon for a photo out of Japan to blaze through the Internet like a forest fire. This one is no different. It features a giddy local pouring lemon syrup out from under the skirt of an anime girl. Creepy, or hilarious?

Here’s a psychotic drunk monkey wielding a knife and attacking people.
things you don't see every day, drunk monkey attack
It happened on February 5, 2016, in Patos, Brazil. The fire department was called when a monkey drank too much rum and stole a knife from a bar. According to witnesses, it began aggressively attacking people. Oddly enough, the monkey only attacked male patrons. Men, am I right, ladies?



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