18 Times The Internet Teamed Up And Solved A Crime

18 Times The Internet Teamed Up And Solved A Crime

As social media evolves right in front of our eyes, we’re beginning to see more and more crimes solved by the Internet. Sometimes, such as the case of the Boston Bomber, the Internet’s detective skills don’t work so well. But in the cases written about on this list, the Internet evidence is what helped crack a story wide open. The Internet detectives below understand that the web is more than just a tool for research, it can be used to inflict positive change on the world and solve mysteries that have long been forgotten, as well as new stories that seem hopeless.

Some of the instances on this list of the Internet being harnessed to stop bad guys are your every day lost computer stories, but some of these stories have impacted the way that authorities use the Internet in court cases. Some of the online vigilantes profiled here have brought rapists to justice and solved cold cases that were decades old, bringing peace to the families involved. Even if you’re uncomfortable with this new brand of sleuthing, you have to admit that it gets the job done. And who knows, maybe you’ll need the Internet’s help to find your runaway cat some day!


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