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19 Clueless People Stumbling Through Life

19 Clueless People Stumbling Through Life


If there’s one thing the internet has taught me about the world, it’s that life is only hard if you make it so. There are plenty of clueless people stumbling through life who have made it just as far as I have minus all the pressure I put on myself.

It’s hard to believe, I know. But, after scrolling through this list a few times, everything should become more clear.

1. This environmentally conscious person who put the paper towel in the hand dryer

viareddit / [deleted]

2. If this is his idea of a hot rod, he’s got it all wrong

viaImgur / Quaterindie

3. This is really beginning to unravel for him

viaImgur / Captainkeegan

4. Best photo bomb ever

viaImgur / LordSethos

5. The things men do to get laid

viaImgur / PapaSLoas

6. When you and your sister share one brain

viareddit / elninofamoso

7. I feel like everyone knows what I’m gonna say already, so I don’t need to say it

viareddit / zRobbie

8. This is why you don’t do drugs, kids

viareddit / jas254

13. I feel like this is every idiot’s rite of passage

viareddit / cannonflake

14. Some clueless dude proving to everyone that anything can be art

viaImgur / gwizwold

15. Ten minutes, though?

viaTwitter / @jeremylafty

16. She doesn’t get it

viaInstagram / @nochill

17. More like a “ruff” day, amirite?

viaTwitter / @daniel_merry

18. Just give up

viareddit / Kashik

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