The 19 Creepiest Wikipedia Pages


The annals of Wikipedia are full of some seriously creepy stuff. As the makeshift source for all human knowledge, Wikipedia has plenty of tales of the weird, macabre, and unexplained. If Wikipedia were a house, this would be the creepy attic that everyone thinks is haunted. Excluding the unverified, poorly sourced, and completely made up, these are the creepiest pages that Wikipedia has to offer.

Perhaps what makes all these stories so scary is that the events really occurred. Here we are visiting some seriously dark corners of the human psyche. Some of the events will shock you. Some even cross over into the supernatural realm, or at least raise the question, could the supernatural be real? You can judge for yourself, thanks to the great sourcing structure of Wikipedia

Reading on, you might encounter some facts that you wish you hadn’t learned. You’ve been warned.

Armin Meiwes
Photo:  Batut15/Pixabay/CC0 1.0

In 2001, Armin Meiwes put out an online solicitation “looking for a well-built 18- to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed.” On March 9, 2001, Meiwes met up with fellow German Bernd Jürgen Armando Brandes, who had agreed to be eaten. The two filmed each other frying Brandes’s dismembered penis and attempting to eat it before Brandes’s ultimate demise.

Over the next ten months, Meiwes proceeded to eat Brandes’s body. Meiwes was eventually convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight years in prison.

The Hinterkaifeck Murders
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The Hinterkaifeck farm was located roughly 70 miles north of Munich, Germany. The Gruber family lived there, including Andreas, his wife Cazilia, their middle-aged daughter Victoria, and their two grandchildren. In 1921, their maid quit. She claimed the farm was haunted and that she heard footsteps in the attic. It took until 1922 for the Grubers to find a new maid.

One day, Andreas reported that he found footprints in the snow leading from the forest to the house, but he could not find any leading back to the forest. He began hearing footsteps in the attic and reported other strange events. On April 4th, five days after the Grubers had last been seen, a search party uncovered a gruesome scene. All of the household occupants, including the new maid, had been skillfully slain with a pickax. It had been the maid’s first day of work on the farm. Four of the bodies, including that of Andreas, were stacked neatly on top of each other. The autopsies revealed that the time of death was Friday, March 31.

Perhaps the strangest part of the case is that they found evidence of the culprit staying at the farm for several days afterward. The livestock were fed, and witnesses had seen smoke coming out of the chimney over the weekend. Despite this, no arrests were ever made and the case still remains unsolved to this day.

The Villisca Ax Murders
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On June 11, 1912, a brutal murder occurred in rural Villisca, Iowa. The Moore family was sleeping when an unknown killer raised an ax and killed Joe Moore with one blow from the flat end of the ax blade. The same fate met his wife, Sarah, all four of their children, and two visiting neighbor children.

What’s more, the culprit then proceeded to beat the heads of the bodies into a bloody pulp with his ax. He then covered the bloody heads with clothes, covered every mirror and piece of glass in a similar way, and washed the blood from his hands. After that, he took out a two-pound slab of uncooked bacon from the icebox, wrapped it in a towel, and laid it on the floor next to a short piece of key chain that did not belong to the Moores.

The case has never been solved, but one theory links this case to several others that occurred across the country during this period.

The Disappearance Of Frederick Valentich
Video: YouTube

On October 21, 1978, Frederick Valentich was flying a Cessna 182L light aircraft from Moorabbin, Australia, to Kings Island. At 7:06 PM, Valentich radioed Melbourne Flight Service to report an unidentified aircraft flying roughly 1,000 feet above him. He reported four landing lights visible above him that were moving erratically.

His last words were, “It isn’t an aircraft” – interrupted by a strange metallic sound.

Valentich was never seen again.

Photo: Unknown/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Herman Webster Mudgett, AKA Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, was perhaps the first modern serial killer. In 1889, he built a hotel in Chicago nicknamed “The Castle” due to its imposing nature.

The castle was designed to his specifications, with hidden passageways, secret rooms, a pharmacy, and his personal residence on the top floor. Soundproof and air-tight rooms were used to asphyxiate victims, and a hanging room was used for just that. The hotel also had pits of corrosive acid, bottles of various poisons, and even a stretching rack. A secret metal chute and dummy elevator were used to transport bodies. Holmes would dissect the bodies and even sell some of them to medical schools.

In all, Homes confessed to 20 murders, nine of which were confirmed. Some estimates, however, place the number as high as 200.

The Murder Of James Bulger
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On February 12,1993, two-year-old James Patrick Bulger was abducted from a shopping mall where he had gone with his mother, tortured, and slain by two 10-year-old boys, Robert Thompson and Jon Venables. The two were sentenced to custody until they reached adulthood.

Upon appeal, it was found that they were denied a fair trial. In 2001, they were released on life-long license under new aliases after serving eight years.

The Lyon Sisters
Video: YouTube

On March 25, 1975, Katherine Mary Lyon (10) and Sheila Mary Lyon (12) were on their way to a shopping mall when they disappearedDespite an extensive search, it wasn’t until 2013 that the police were able to make any progress in the case. In 2015, Lloyd Lee Welch was indicted, and his uncle listed as a person of interest.

The girls’ bodies have never been found, though Welch’s cousin told detectives that in 1975, Welch asked him to help burn two large, heavy duffel bags that had a strong, terrible odor and were covered in what appeared to be blood stains.

Photo: Unknown/Wikimedia Commons/Fair Use

One of the most prolific serial killers in American history, Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish was a child rapist, cannibal, and murderer. One of his fetishes was to insert needles into his body. He confessed to three murders and is suspected of at least five more.

Despite obvious signs indicating insanity, the jury ruled sane and guilty. As one juror later explained, it was because they felt he should be executed anyway. On January 16, 1936, Fish’s last words were reportedly, “I don’t even know why I’m here.” It is rumored that the needles in his body caused “Old Sparky” to short-circuit.

Unit 731
Photo: 松岡明芳/WikiMedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

During WWII, Unit 731 was a covert Japanese research facility for biological and chemical warfare. Located in Manchuria, China, the facility conducted horrific human experimentation. Experiments included injections of plague and typhoid, as well as vivisection. None of the subjects survived.

No one was prosecuted during the Tokyo tribunals at the end of the war, and the crimes against humanity were largely ignored. In 1988, a Hong-Kong Chinese horror film called Men Behind the Sun was created by T. F. Mou. The film received criticism for its ultra-gory portrayal of the events.

Photo: Federal Bureau of Investigation/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Unidentified for decades, the Original Night Stalker (AKA the Golden State Killer) operated in Northern and Southern California from 1979 through 1986. At least 50 rapes and 12 murders have been attributed to him.

He stalked middle-class neighborhoods at night, looking for women living in single-story homes. He would also call the residences both before and after the incidents. Though he initially targeted women who were alone, he later developed a pattern of targeting couples. He would break in with a handgun and often have the woman tie the man up with boot laces.

In 2018, investigators used the site GEDmatch to associate the unidentified killer’s DNA profile to a family tree and ultimately connect Vietnam veteran and former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo to the Golden State crimes. He was arrested at age 72 and charged on 13 sexual assault charges and 13 murder charges.

Sada Abe
Photo: Unknown/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Sada Abe regularly erotically asphyxiated her lover, Ishida. On May 18, 1936, when he was sleeping, she intentionally strangled him to death. She then cut off his penis and testicles and carried them around with her in her kimono. She unsuccessfully attempted to commit necrophilia with the dismembered member. The incident became a national sensation in Japan.

After being arrested and charged with murder, Sada Abe spent five years in prison. After her release, she assumed an alias. In 1969, she disappeared, only to eventually be found in a Kansai nunnery.

Genie (Feral Child)
Video: YouTube

Genie is a pseudonym given to a feral child whose father decided to isolate her completely starting when she was 20 months old. From then until she was 13 years, 7 months old, she was locked alone in her room. She was kept strapped to a child’s toilet or bound in her crib for the majority of the time, and she was extremely malnourished. She couldn’t talk and was still in diapers when she was discovered by social workers.

Genie was extensively studied by psychologists. Though she had made initial progress with learning language and behavior, she regressed. She has spent most of her life in foster homes and institutions for the disabled. Genie is now a ward of the State of California.

Photo: Metaweb (FB)/Fair use

On February 9, 2004, Maura Murray emailed her employer and professors saying that she was taking a week off for a family emergency, though no such emergency existed. She then wrecked her car around 7 PM in Woodsville, New Hampshire.

A bus driver returning home saw the event and stopped. He reported seeing a young woman, not visibly bleeding but cold and shivering, who asked him not to contact the police. Since he did not have cell phone service, he continued home and called the police from there. When the police arrived, the car was abandoned and Maura was nowhere to be found. Despite an extensive search, neither her nor her body have ever been discovered.

Hoeryong Concentration Camp
Video: YouTube

Hoeryong concentration camp is a political prison camp located in North Korea. It is a maximum security area where prisoners and their families are held in lifelong detention. Prisoners are regarded as subhuman slaves and subjected to forced labor. Human rights violations occur daily and include water torture, hanging torture, box room torture, kneeling torture, pigeon torture, and more.

Thousands of prisoners died of starvation when the prison was allegedly closed in 2012, but other evidence indicates that the camp may still be operational. Other reports suggest that the surviving prisoners were transferred to Hwasong concentration camp. See also Yodok concentration camp, another concentration camp in North Korea.

The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter
Photo: Tim Bertelink/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

On August 21, 1955, 12 residents of Christian County, Kentucky (near Kelly and Hopkinsville), encountered what they described as humanoid creatures between three and four feet tall. They had huge glowing eyes, large bat-like ears, and talons on the ends of their fingers. The startled residents shot at the creatures with a 12-gauge shotgun and .22 rifle, but they were unable to ward off the unknown intruders. Eventually, they took refuge in the house for the night.

They went to get police the next day, and though no physical evidence of the creatures was found, the stories were well-corroborated.

The Disappearance Of Susan Powell
Video: YouTube

On December 6, 2009, Susan Powell disappeared. That same night, her husband, Josh Powell, claims that he was camping with his two sons. Josh was named a person of interest in the investigation but never formally charged with anything.

Then, on February 5, 2012, after losing a custody fight with Susan’s parents, Josh took his life and those of his two sons. Susan’s disappearance remains unsolved, and the active case was closed in 2013.

Video: YouTube

In 1968, the 11-year-old Mary Bell killed two young boys, Martin Brown (age 4) and Brian Howe (age 3), in Scotswood, England. Bell’s mother was a prostitute and it is reported that Bell suffered abuse from her mother and her mother’s clients.

She was released from prison in 1980 and has since lived under a series of pseudonyms.

The Voynich Manuscript
Video: YouTube

The Voynich manuscript is an arcane text dating to 15th-century northern Italy. The book is handwritten in an unknown writing system and filled with strange illustrations of plants, animals, and people. Named for the Polish book dealer Wilfrid Voynich who purchased it in 1912, the text has never been deciphered.

Many cryptographers have attempted to make sense of the text, including American and British codebreakers from both WWI and II.

The Station Nightclub Fire
Photo: Brandon Leon/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0

The Station nightclub fire was one of the most deadly nightclub fires in US history.

On February 20, 2003, pyrotechnics from the band Great White ignited sound insulation foam around the stage. The resulting blaze, panic, and toxic gas claimed the lives of 100 people.


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