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19 Of The Most Dramatic People on Facebook

19 Of The Most Dramatic People on Facebook


I like to keep it all Mary J. Blige — NO MORE DRAMA. But that doesn’t mean I’m not all in for other people’s drama, especially when it’s on Facebook and I can keep a reasonable distance. Here are some people who bring their drama front and center.Whether it be a fight or an obvious attempt to get some attention, these people on Facebook will make you grateful your life is relatively boring

acebook-drama-bf facebook-attention-seeking-shrek facebook-drama-baby facebook-drama-birthday facebook-drama-burn facebook-drama-cheating facebook-drama-child facebook-drama-complicated facebook-drama-cousin facebook-drama-crying facebook-drama-dogs facebook-drama-fight facebook-drama-heart facebook-drama-nothing facebook-drama-selfies facebook-drama-serious facebook-drama-single facebook-drama-verbal

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Their should be a license for Facebook and if you get more than a thousand dislikes in a week, you lose it for a month.

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