19 Facts About Tinder, The “Dating” App For Thirsty People –

Back in my single days, if the normal pick-up scenes weren’t working, it was AOL chatrooms or bust. Or, AOL chatroom and bust..? Nowadays, however, there is an app for everything—including hooking up. Tinder, in case you’ve been under a rock for the last few years, is an app that matches you with other people, allowing you to swipe right if you like them, or left if you don’t. If you both swipe right on each other, it’s a match and you go at it like bunnies, apparently.

As with life, timing on Tinder is everything. The evening hours are peak time. Surprisingly, you’re also more likely to get a match early in the week than you are over the weekend.

You may think that having the best pictures will ensure you the most matches. You’re wrong though. Looks aren’t everything you shallow ass. 96% of users report that education is a key component when they swipe. 96% of users are also liars, how ironic.

You probably think that men are the most prominent Tinder users. Wrong! Women actually spend more time on the app, though they swipe right more over 30% less often than men. Women… always shopping.

With over 50 million people using Tinder, there are as many as 1.6 BILLION swipes a day. A DAY! That’s almost as much as I got rejected in my teens!

Extremely picky? Tinder doesn’t like your bullshit. No picky enough? Tinder wishes you had better taste. If you never swipe, or very rarely you will be shown far less matches. If you swipe on everything, the app marks you as a scammer and you’ll stop getting matches.

When it was originally created, and still went by the name Matchbox, Tinder was exclusively for students on college campuses. Yeah, cause they’re the ones who need help getting laid…

A study done by the American Psychological Association concluded that Tinder users are likely to be insecure and have low self-esteem. Easy targets? I’m sorry, that was uncalled for. I’m better than that.

Tinder seems pretty America-centric, but it’s actually available in 196 different countries around the world. Could Tinder be the new Russian mail order bride?

Tinder users that allow Spotify to share their listening habits get 84% more matches than those who don’t.

The average Tinder uses logs on to the app 11 times a day! That’s 4,015 times a year, unless you find someone crazy enough to let you hang around. You guys are serial swipers!

You scandalous horndogs just can’t get enough. According to a survey, 42% of users on Tinder are in relationships already.

According to some serious in-depth investigative reporting, it was revealed that Tinder grades and scores users based on how attractive they are. And yes, this does effect how you appear in people’s feeds.

You’ve got a beautiful smile, show it off! Tinder users who are smiling in their pictures are 14% more likely to find a match. That may not seem like much, but it you’re using Tinder, you can probably use all the help you can get.

On average, Tinder users spend about 35 minutes on the app a day. That’s more than I spend on the crapper. Y’all must have some beefy thumbs!

So, which countries are the most thirsty for Tinder hook-ups? It’s probably no surprise that the US is up there, but they’re also joined by Brazil and the UK. Tinder just became a must-have while traveling.

It probably comes as no surprise, but there are considerably more rejects per day than matches. In fact, it’s been calculated that there are hundreds of millions of left swipes, or “nos”, on Tinder per day.

Each time you check in at a new location, Tinder pushes your profile to the front for that location. This is actually a pretty useful little hack.

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