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19 Of The Latest & FUNNIEST RKOs Out Of Nowhere

Randy Orton didn’t become a champ by chance. He earned those titles by being opportunistic and taking down everyone who stood in his way. Whether we’re cheering or booing the third-generation superstar, there is no doubt that his RKO is a devastating maneuver. With that in mind, here are some of the best RKO’s that didn’t happen in the squared circle, but to everyday people on the streets. Be warned, The Viper could strike at any moment!

1. Parkour can be dangerous

If you don’t spot your landing, you’re gonna have a bad time.

2. Even fellow reptiles aren’t safe

If they weren’t extinct before, they are now.

3. Watch your step!

Now he’s stuck rolling on the ground, just like those tires.

4. At least he got his moment on stage

And then another, more tragic moment, off it.

5. It travels across the pond pretty well

Harry just didn’t see that combo coming!

6. I’m sure this is the reason I didn’t have a trampoline growing up

But I would have been more likely to be hit with a Diamond Cutter than an RKO back then!

7. Tag Team Turmoil at its finest

And that was the end of the greatest tag team that never was.

8. Randy doesn’t have time for your shinanigans

Now if he pulled off a moonsault, Orton would have no answer for him.

9. I thought he had him at the start!

But again, Randy’s tenaciousness wins out.

10. Keep your focus

Randy prays on the casual skater more than others.

11. Not even a trip to Mars can hold him back

So if we need to evacuate the planet, don’t let him know where we’re all meeting up beforehand.

12. Trophy presentations are the worst

If the Viper isn’t winning, then no one is winning.

13. Being a gymnast outside the gym is a bold strategy

He got excellent height off the dismount, just didn’t stick the landing.

14. Even rugby players aren’t safe

But to be fair, they knew the risks when they took up a sport with no padding.

15. I thought you were supposed to limbo UNDER the bar?

That just looked doomed from the start.

16. Who ever did this pulled out all the stops

Randy’s form is perfect.

17. Even Shaq got taken down

Shaq would have been a great wrestler in his prime.

18. This one was straight outta Wimbledon

The ball boy pulled it off nicely.

19. Even The Big Show got in on the fun

Clearly they weren’t ready for that tag team turmoil.



19 Of The Latest & FUNNIEST RKOs Out Of Nowhere

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